Navratri Festival (2014) Dates, Puja Timing Schedule & Celebrations

Navratri Festival (2014) Dates, Puja Timing Schedule & Celebrations

Navratri is an Indian Festival. Here at our website now can watch the Puja Timing Schedule and Celebration. It an Indian Festival and many Hindus of the India and around the India are participating in this festival. Navratri means that the whole nine night function where the all Hindus dancing and performing their religious function.

Defining both the religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations are steeped in traditional music and dance. Gujarat is the focus of Navratri celebrations with all night-long dance and festivities. ‘Garba’ is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with the gopis using ‘dandiya’ or slim wooden sticks. ‘Raas Garba‘ has also evolved to include steps like ‘Dodhiyu’, ‘Trikoniya’, ‘Lehree’ and several others. What’s more, with time, Navratri festival has seen changes in celebrations with well-choreographed dance performances, high-end acoustics and people dressed in made-to-order, bright costumes. Tourists flock to Vadodara in Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band music performances, singing and dancing.

Here at our website now you can watch complete Schedule of the Navratri festival which held in India. The entire function schedule which is performing in India their schedule are available here to watch and download free. Visit to our website and watch the more Festival time table and fixture and timing.

First 3 day:
The first three days of the nine days are dedicated to the Goddness Durga, the Godddness  of power , on the first days barely                seeds are sown in a mud pot and the pot is kept on the Puja Alter.

Second 3 days: 
The 2nd three day of the nine days are dedicated to the Goddness Laxmi, the Goddness of wealth and prosperity

Third 3rd 3 days:
Navratri culminate with Mahnavami. Kanya Pooja is performed on Mahanavami  in which nine young girls representing the nine forms of the Goddness Durgaa are worship and fed.

  1. Ghatsthapana – Navratri Day 1 – September 25, 2014
  2. Chandra Darshan, Dwitiya – September 26, 2014
  3. Sindoor Tritiya, Chandraghanta Puja, Tritiya – September 27, 2014
  4. Varadvinayak Chaturthi – September 28, 2014
  5. Upang Lalita Vrat, Skandamata Puja – September 29, 2014
  6. Katyayani Puja, Shashthi – September 30, 2014
  7. Saraswati Awahan, Kalaratri Puja, Saptami – October 1, 2014
  8. Sri Durga Mahaashtami, Saraswati Puja – October 2, 2014
  9. Sharad Navratri ends – Ram Navratri Day 9 – October 3, 2014

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