NBA Jam 2013 Basketball Festival in India Schedule, Features & Participation

NBA Jam 2013 Basketball Festival in India Schedule, Features & Participation

NBA is basically known as the National Basketball Association foundation, which has been found in order to serve the basketball game and do something more about it in terms of its progress and development all around the world. The foundation has been organizing different events and providing various platforms to all the prominent basketball playing countries in the world to showcase their talent in the field and compete with different teams from other countries too.

Therefore, in lieu of the same, NBA has been coordinating with different countries from around the world to arrange events and game tournaments to promote the game on international level and expand its array of horizon.

NBA in India:
In their pledge of achieving the above purpose, NBA in collaboration with Sony Six have recently announced to launch the NBA Jam in India, in the month of September in 2013. For that, various cities have been selected including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. NBA Jam was formerly held in India almost 2 years ago, when it was launched by the former NBA star and TV analyst “Steve Smith”.

The event has been graciously announced for India with a plan of 4 day tour to Mumbai, by two-time defending NBA champion and eight time all-star Chris Bosh. In the event, Chris will be participating in number of basketball events too for the purpose of carrying it forward for the aim of promoting the game in India.

NBA Jam 2013 Basketball Festival in India Schedule, Features & Participation NBA Jam 2013 Basketball Festival in India Schedule, Features & Participation

The Event:
The event of NBA Jam in particular has a purpose of travelling interactively in a festive mood all around India with having the course of tournaments of 3-on-3 basketball games. Not only that, but in context of the entertainment perspective, the event will be equipped with some interesting performance from the leading musical artists of India, along with authentic and sound NBA entertainment and will also be catering to some of the live experience of the fans of basketball game compromising of people of all the ages.

With the conclusive part of the event to be planned to held in Mumbai on 29th of September, with 3-on-3 basketball tournament. As a result of the tournament, whoever stands out to be the winner of the game will get a chance to compete against the 3 NBA legends for the very first time from India.

In lieu of the same, NP Singh; the COO of MSM said;

“NBA Jam is the rise of a new gameplay in the world of sports. It is an exciting platform that pushes the envelope of sports from a mere competition to a cultural extravaganza. With a remarkable format, NBA Jam will not only boost basketball participation in the country, but also strengthen the footprint of sports and drive viewership for NBA programs, available exclusively on Sony Six.”

Celebrations & Activities:
The event will be comprised of number of games and entertainment activities related to the Basketball world. Moreover, the celebrations of the event will include some interactive activities with fans, with slam dunk contest, basketball clinics, three-point shootouts, skills challenges and many more interesting activities to watch out for. Other than that, the plan includes to have a technology interactive medium to have the social media-fan integration, some NBA photos and video coverage walls along with some interesting gaming zone for the fans and lovers of basketball. So all in all; the entire event is going to be quite a happening one for the audiences too.

Additionally, live concerts will become an entertaining part of the event too, so as to make it more lively and attractive even for the ones not casually interested in the gaming event.

Participating Teams:
Chris Bosh has been quite active from the past few months to organize this event in India and has been keen in getting the know-how of the Indian culture as to mingle up with the people around and have some taste of Indian cuisine too. Chris Bosh has gathered up quite many teams to be played in the entire event and for that, we’ll be viewing around 500 teams participating in the 3×3 contests, which were around 400 in the last year’s event. Moreover, on the positive note, this time the event is going to inculcate a separate division for women’s league too.

Also, from each city, 120 teams will be competing across two age divisions for both men and women, of 16-18 age group and 19-23, which in turn the winning team will eventually become a part of National Finals to be held in Mumbai. These teams will be playing this finale in a small scale replica alike of NBA arena, which will be broadcasted on the top shows.

NBA Jam in a conclusive form is going to be a great event to bring excitement and energy in the ground of basketball for the people of India. Chris Bosh has reported this in Mumbai that he has been quite happy seeing so much passion in India for basketball game and he has been looking forward for the participation from the youth side in his tour to India this year.

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