Reham Khan Wiki Biography, Age, 1st Husband, Children, Imran Khan Wife

Reham Khan Wiki Biography, Age, 1st Husband, Children, Imran Khan WifeThe PTI Chairman Imran khan and the former Pakistani cricket Team captain married since few day. The Reham Khan is journalist and very famous person. The Rehem Khan is forty two year lovely , handsome and slim & smart girl s while Imran khan across the 60 decades. She is single with three kids , Son whose name is Sahir , two daughters Ridha Rehman and Inaya Rehman. She was born in Libya. subsequently she cited in Asian country. She captive to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland once wedding with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland position holder Pakistani doctor.

The Rehem become very famous among the people to wear the Short and English clothe. Many people like her when broadcasting the weather news updates on the most popular TV channel BBC. The Reham Khan was born Apr three, 1973 in Libya to Pakistani folks from Abbotabad. Her folks then went back to Asian country with their 3 kids, Bother Muneer, two sisters Salma and second sister Reham .They captive back once Reham was a pair of years ago. Reham khan then went Presentation Convent faculty in Peshawar in Asian country.

She got married to her full cousin Ijaz Rehman (Doctor) in Abbotabad and captive to the united kingdom with him. Reham is and has been a Pakistani National solely since birth, anyhow applied for British Citizenship once Marrying Ijaz Rehman. Reham had 3 youngsters with Ijaz Rehman one son named Sahir, and 2 women Ridha and Inaya Rehman.

Reham lost her Job in BBC once BBC did DQF job cuts in 2012 and was forced to offer up, and her perspective was stuffed by the BBC. Reham visited Asian country and began operating there. She has worked for Aaj Tv, however once being dismissed by Aaj Tv, she applied to PTV , she was dismissed by PTV additionally by News one, within the past seventeen months she has been dismissed from five TV channels. She currently works for Dawn News.Now she is that the Reham Khan News Anchor account Career. better half of PTI Chairman Imran Khan


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