Rose Day 2014 Saying Love Quotes for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter Status

Rose Day 2014 Saying Love Quotes for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter Status

Happy Valentine 2014 the love week celebrate every lover in the word in every year 14 February Day. you can collect  Valentines week 2014 1st Day Rose Day 2014 Saying Love Quotes for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter Status with  also available here. All Love Days names celebration dates, time table list also available here. the hole week celebrate Love life, after Valentine day lover celebrate 7 days.

Rose Day 2014 Saying Love Quotes for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter Status:

If you want to fall in love, feel the real love then,
Do not find love, let love find you. It is a great feeling on this rose day.

If anyone asks me, what makes life beautiful?
I would just put my arm around your shoulder, get close to you and say this is it.

Even if trees flush out the greenery, and rose their smell.
However, let your smile stay forever in every situation bcoz it steals my heart.

Sweeter than chocolates lovelier than roses, more cute than soft toys, that’s what you are to me
Wishing you a happy rose day.

My life without you is as similar to 4rose without color,
Will you be my life partner?? Wishing you happy rose day.

Problems in life are like thorns in rose, they may be irritating or hurt sometimes,
But they are for our benefits, so take them positively.

May your life be full of delighters and filled with lots of love.
Wishing you a happy rose day 2014.

You are the one whom I like the most,
You are the one, whom I love deep from my heart,
But the rose is one that expresses love more than I do.
What can I do to express love more than rose, just joking!!!

The word Rose means proposing love
It also suggests
R – Rare
O – One
S – Supporting
E – Entire Life

Rose are solely for a fair person like you from a quiet person like me,
Keep this rose until it dry, but keep my friendship until I die….Happy Rose Day!!

Not every bird can fly but peacock did it, not every friend can touch my heart but you did it.
No flower can express love, but rose did it.
happy rose day sms

Fragrance can be defined with rose,
But, Friendship can’t be defined without you..
Anyone can love rose, but no one will love a leaf that made the rose.
Do not love someone who is beautiful, but love the one who can make your life beautiful.
Happy Rose Day.

If a scented rose brush your face,
If your cell phone dances on a nice tone,
Remember it is I trying to say you,
Happy rose day 2014.

To fell that love, it makes you cry,
To have it leave, you would rather die.
I hope you have found that special rose…..

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