All time Best Zombie Movies List, Hollywood Superhit Zombies Movies Sequels

All time Best Zombie Movies List, Hollywood Superhit Zombies Movies Sequels

Hollywood in its time has produced all sorts of movies and has entertained all sorts of audiences catering to their specific tailor-made needs at large. That has not just been done for the states but for the audiences all over the world. In the genres that they have made movies of ranges from romantic ones, action, thrillers, sequels, comedy and many more…whereas not to forget the list of zombie movies, which they have made for the audiences all over the world. These movies are watched world over and are liked as well by a large group of people.

Zombie movies focus on the horror part of the world, and revolve around the stories of the afterlife people…who comes back in the life after encountering and experiencing death. Well… taking this experience at large, Hollywood has made several movies on this topic. They have kept on changing the story boards of the script, whereas the major story stays focused on the zombie world. These movies have developed a large number of fans following and number of sequel movies have also been produced taking in notice the ever increasing demand of these films.

They consist of some scary characters which are after someone in order to take revenge for something wrong being done with them in the real life. Therefore, for all of the fans of the Zombie focused movies we have developed and compiled a list of such movies, which have been made by the Hollywood film industry. These movies have seen their sequel parts as well in different years. Let’s have a look at the list of zombie movies in different years.

All time Best Zombie Movies List

S.No Movies Releasing year
1 Shaun of the dead 2004
2 Dawn of the dead 2004
3 28 days later 2002
4 Dawn of the dead (former part) 1978
5 Night of the living dead 1968
6 Zombieland 2009
7 Day of the dead 1985
8 Night of the living dead 1990
9 Rec 2007
10 Grindhouse 2007
11 Evil dead II 1987
12 Evil dead: Army of darkness 1992
13 Evil dead 1981
14 Rec 2 2009
15 Return of the living dead 1985
16 28 weeks later 2007
17 Braindead 1992
18 Fido 2006
19 Phantasm 1979
20 Resident evil 2002
21 Re-animator 1985
22 Omega man 1971
23 Resident evil: Afterlife 2010
24 Tales from the Crypt 1972
25 Dead snow 2009
26 Grave robbers from outer space 2010
27 Resident evil: Apoclaypse 2004
28 Creepshow 1982
29 Dellamortedellamore 1994
30 Planet terror 2007
31 Pet sematary 1989
32 Doghouse 2009
33 Rammbock 2010
34 Devil’s playground 2010
35 Fog 1980
36 Land of the dead 2005
37 Ada: Zombilerindugunu 2010
38 Horde 2009
39 Zombi 2 1979
40 Resident evil: Extinction 2007
41 Return of the living dead part II 1988
42 House by the cemetery 1981
43 Resident evil: degeneration 2008
44 Dairy of the dead 2007
45 I am legend 2007
46 Scooby-Doo on zombie island 1998
47 One last sunset 2010
48 City of the living dead 1980
49 Dead girl 2008
50 They walk 2010


The above ones are just the selected 50 ones from the list, whereas there are lots of other movies as well, which have been released in all these years and have proved to be really successful ones. Not only that but they have proved to do a good business on the box office verdict as well. Some of these movies have received numerous awards in their capacity for different areas of film making and have been recognized all over the world. Along with that, the movies, which were in the English language, have also been dubbed in the different languages, so that these movies are understood by world over audience.

But the world hasn’t seen enough of it… the future times is all equipped and full of these zombie thriller movies, which will be tempting the zombie lover audiences in the cinema halls all over the world. Thus, keeping that in mind just keep your fingers crossed for all the movies to be released in the times to come; for they are going to thrill you with their extreme thrill and excitement and a touch of horror as well.

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