Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Movie Official Trailer Video Free Download

A Tom Cruise thriller movie…coming from the Hollywood cinematic industry is proudly directed by Joseph Kosinski and well-written by the joint efforts of Karl Gadjdusek and Michael Arndt. Along with Tom Cruise, we’ll get to see Morgan Freeman in a strong role in the starring side and Andrea Riseborough. The movie revolves around the story of a veteran who has been assigned the task of extracting the Earth’s remaining resources and comes up with a question eventually asking about his assigned mission and himself too.

Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Movie Official Trailer Video Free Download

Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Movie Official Trailer:

The story will evolve up some more and will take exciting turns when moves forward. The Earth’s surface has been devastated because of the wars with the aliens over decade’s time and later on his mission he discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that makes him believe everything true which he heard about the war and then eventually this truth may put the mankind at stake for their lives in his hand.

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