RoboCop (2014) Movie First Look Official Trailer Video Free Download

Robocop is about a law officer who is killed on the line duty and is resurrected by a Greddy company called OCP and the man responsible is BOB who is being challenged by Dick Jones with robot with cannons the size of gas tanks for pick up tricks.With Robocop IN ACTION, THE CITY IS SAFE, UNTIL HIS PAST AS A Human gets him to get even with the people that kill him.
This production stills that have people talking should be the least of their movies.But first,the one thing it has over the original- an explanation as to why the company would bother putting the remnants of a man in the Robocop unit. Here, it is explained that they do it so that if the machine sucks up.

RoboCop (2014) Movie First Look Official Trailer Video Free Download

ROBO COP (2014)
Average rating : 7.7/10
Director :Paul Verhoeven
Writeen by: Michael Miner ,Ed Neumeier
Release date: February 7, 2014

RoboCop (2014) Movie First Look Official Trailer:

After an opening scene about the conquest of Iran ,yawn, we get down the business of putting tracing paper over someone else work and copying it Badly.So it is redesigned into  the SWAT suit seen in production stills when combat is required.After some inner turmoil,Murphy Robocop wants to capture his killers 2/3 of the way in,with the script reading like dead duck, the writer injects a Swerve .It was  Morphy’s partner who set him up in return for a promotion. Then,Anti SWERE ,he did int after all.And damned near the end of the movie,we’re back at sqaure one, and Robocop is none the wiser.Shockingly disappointing.The old TV series was actually more on form than this.This isn’t old Detroit ,from the get go its Delta city.

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