Sholay 3D (2014) Official Full Theatrical Trailer Video Free Download

For pure thrills and adventure, you really can’t beat Sholay. The film embodies everything that is great about Bollywood: action, adventure, fantastic music and dances, celebrations, and of course, an epic runtime of roughly 200 minutes. The film’s 3D restoration hits theaters on January 4th of 2014, but for those of you not interested in the extra dimension, UTV films assures us that it will screen alongside a restored 2D version in theaters. Words cannot express how excited I am to be able to see this film on a big screen, hopefully in a pristine restoration.

Sholay 3D (2014) Official Full Theatrical Trailer Video Free Download

Sholay 3D (2014) Full Theatrical Trailer Video:

If you ever wanted to know what makes Bollywood great, look no further than Sholay! Check out the trailer below and get a little taste.While the film and its cast are revered and have turned from characters on screen to folk heroes, its fate in terms of the physical elements has been less that optimal. For years the film has been available on shoddy full screen DVDs that fail to capture the film’s immense scope properly.

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