The Armstrong Lie (2013) Official Full Trailer Video Free Download

The trailer is already online National The Armstrong Lie (Lie Armstrong) , the new documentary by Alex Gibney about the famous cyclist Lance Armstrong.Using images and interviews, performed before and after busted scandal involving the cyclist with doping substances, Gibney – who has directed films like Taxi to the Dark Side, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Mea Maxima Culpa and We Steal Secrets : The Story of WikiLeaks – builds a work that shows the rise and fall of a myth of sport, from archetype below for one of the biggest disappointments of the sport. In early 2013,

The Armstrong Lie (2013) Official Full Trailer Video Free Download


The Armstrong Lie (2013) Official Full Trailer Video:

Armstrong admitted he had taken performance-enhancing drugs following investigations by the judicial authorities and the USADA, the anti-doping agency in the United States, and led to the International Cycling Federation to withdraw all seven victories in the Tour de France and ban you permanently from all sports. What results is an enthralling, clear-eyed and penetrating examination not only of a fallen hero, but an exploration of drive, moral relativism and the cult of personality.This is not just a film about a disgraced sports hero. It’s also about the nature of belief and faith. Why was the public so willing to overlook his deceit? Was it because he was a cancer survivor, and a handsome charismatic one.

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