Afternoon Delight Movie (2013) Reviews, Official Trailer & Release Date

Afternoon Delight Movie (2013) Reviews, Official Trailer & Release Date

The Afternoon Delight movie was released on 21st January, 2013 and has received not only many critics appreciation, but was liked by many of the audiences who watched the movie. Story and its lines have been beautifully written by again Jill Soloway, who has directed the movie too. The dialogues are very close to real life and give a very natural impact to the whole movie, and someone who is engaged in somewhat alike situation can easily related themselves to it, since it has been aesthetically made.

Afternoon Delight has been directed by Jill Soloway and for his extremely good directional skills; the movie won the Directing Award for Drama in United States, at the Sundance Film Festival on 26th January, 2013. The movie has been very well directed and is a much watch as well.

Most importantly, the director and production team of the movie take special measures to select the perfect cast for their movie that would fit perfectly in their roles. Therefore, they’ve chosen;
–    Kathryn Hahn playing a lead role of Rachel
–    Juno Temple is playing McKenna in the movie, who is a strip dancer at the stripper’s club and helps her out in her marital life
–    Josh Radnor is playing the role of Jeff, who is Rachel’s husband

Motion Pictures Rating:
Afternoon Delight, the movie has been rated as “R” movie for its strong graphic sexual contents, related languages and use of drugs that they’ve shown in the movie.

The movie has been produced and made under the umbrella of 72 Productions company, also known as Rincon Entertainment. The movie is 99 minutes long, with scenes to keep you engaged throughout without losing interest.

Afternoon Delight Movie (2013) Reviews, Official Trailer & Release Date Afternoon Delight Movie (2013) Reviews, Official Trailer & Release Date

Afternoon Delight is a comedy drama movie, released in starting year of 2013. The movie has a story line about the sexual awakening of a woman in a marital life that she is living with no such interactions.

The story of the movie revolves around Rachel, who is played by Kathryn Hahn, who is an amazing comic actress and has received much recognition all over in such a short span of time. Rachel is a housewife plus a responsible mother, who overtime becomes obsessed with saving a stripper named McKenna. Kathryn Hahn has normally been chosen for supporting roles, but due to her extraordinary acting skills and scene stealer capabilities, she has been given the lead role in this move; Afternoon Delight and she has proved that she can play any role with utmost perfection.

Rachel is continuously striving in the movie to fix her life and bring a stable pace to it. Rachel is living an unhappy and not contented with her marital life and she feels that her sexual life with her husband Jeff has stopped from quite some time, which has causing distances in their long term relationship. She is in pledge of bringing their intimacy back to their relationship, and for that they both go to a strip club. Rachel gets herself a private lap dance from a stripper there named McKenna. Spending a week, they become close friends and starts deepening their relationship, so much so they McKenna comes to live with Rachel as her family’s nanny. Overtime, Rachel tries to find a change of pace in her life and considers McKenna as her way out for her family life.

Afternoon Delight Movie Official Trailer:

The movie somewhere keeps interests at high level, while at some point loses it too, but Hahn’s acting has kept the movie alive throughout. Rachel’s motives in the movie are more ambiguous and revolve around charitable elements, sexual elements and her desire to live freely, in order to change her life from stagnant life.

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