Avatar 2 (2016) Release Date, Official Trailer, Plot Summary & Star Cast

The three”avatar” seqeuals will be filmed simultaneiouls with production beginning in 2014. the relase of the first seqeual will be in december 2016, with the second to follow in december 2017, and the third year later.”avatar” 2,3 and 4 will b produces by james cameron and job letteri and his team at WETA digital to realize the words of the sequals.

Avatar 2 (2016) Release Date, Official Trailer, Plot Summary & Star Cast

Plot Summary:
it’s long been known that avatar 2 aims to explore “the oceans of pandora” to some degree- though,know how much of the movie will actually takes place underwater remains to b seen.Camero’s isn’t spilling any juicy details about that just yet.
latino review is usually reliable on such matters, it makes a whole lot of sense. without claiming the na’vi gift of divination , one of the Empire’s own pitches this earlier in the summer, so credit where it’s due. unless it doesn’t happen, of-course, inw hich case wwe’l distance ourselves from this like a banshee spotting a great Leonopteryx.

Avatar 2
Rating 88%
Release date: December,2016
Director: James Cameron
Screen write: Jmaes cameron, josh fridmen,rick jaffa,amanda silver,shane salerno.
Genre: Action,adventure,sci-fi

As it stands, the three squeals that are scheduled to b filmed back to back with their production budgets poses one of the riskiest Hollywood movies in history. it worth nothing that avatar was one of the most expensive films ever made and now with 3 squeals the general public we to suddenly go off the franchise, well it could prove to b financial annihilation.
but then we have heard all this before with the first avatar, which subsequently went on to become the highest grossing film all the time. bottom  line… these films will bring financial success, no matters how fantastic or predictable they become.

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