Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) Movie Review, Release Date

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) Movie Worthy follow up even if there’s less creativity involved once the central premise is inroduced in this movie .It is based on the funniest acsepts and dreamy world.The theme is attractive and in dramatic form. The movie topics are based on Magic and fantasy. After the disastours food storm in the first flim, Flint and Freiends are fourced to leave the town .Flint accepts the invitation from his idol Chester V to join The Live crop Company, which has been tasked to clean the island, and where the best inventours in the world create techonoligies of mankind.While not as delightfully brezzy as the original , an engaging voice cast and hordes of ” Foodinals” still manage to serve up a tasty sequel.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) Movie Review, Release Date Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) Movie Review, Release Date

Release Date:
Oct 27,2013. It would be realsed on wide 3,800+theaters.Sony pictures animation has confirmed that the follow up to surprise 2009 hit cloud will hit UK and have released this rather impressive looking shot from the film to whet appetites. From the look of this gorgeous picture it should be a feast for the eyes and we are hungrily looking forward to its release on 27 oct 2013.

The movie is to be fantasy all of dreamy world. as children and their parents to watch with the family.It is all about Animation Action 3d sequel.. it would be amazing to watch the movie with loads of excitement and tragedy of cartons , with as 3D  movie. While the inventive mashups make the rest of the story telling feel like an undercooked slide dish by comparison, their presence alone should ensure that the 3D animated sequel easily whets the appetite of the broad audience that made the first installments .
provided they ve allowed a sufficient distance from the self- cannibalizing summer 2013 animation glut,Sony pictures. handing release the slot occupied this time last year by Hotel Transylvanaia , should anticipate similarly sunny results.

The writer is John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstien and the story is written on original idea .

The music again composed by Mark Mothersbaugh , Cody Simpson will provide music , LA DA LEE which will be title song also .
Cast: Bill Hader
Anna Faris
James caan
Will Forte
Kirsten Schaal
Terry Crews
Neil Patrick Harris
Benjamin Bratt

Story line:
Cloudy  with a Chance of Metaballs picks up where Sony pictures Animation’s hit comedy left off.This latest attempt is a direct sequel to the first movie , continuing almost immediately where that one left off with inventor Flint Lockwood;s mentor and new age Chester showing up to help the clean up efforts at Swallow Falls,What follows is basically “Jurassic Park” with fruit, meat vegetables with meat and vegetables with many of the jokes and references and story beats taken directly from that iconic film. From the creative creatures designs of things like me the Tacodile and the Chessespider to the over vegetated Swallow Falls enivorement, the Cloudy sequel certainly looks great, maybe even better than the first movie as it vies for the honor of being the most colorful movies of the year. While Flint Lockwood’s money Steve steals many a scene in the first half of the movie , he ends up taking a backseat. Still with enough fun and laughs for both kids and parents, CLOUDY proves itself to b a worthy follow up even if there’s less creativity involved once the central premise is introduced.

Box Office predictions:
Picking up where first Animation has left off, Cloudy sees the genius of inventor Flint Lockwood finally being recognized as he is invited by his idol Chester V to join The Live Crop Company  where the best and best inventors in the world create technologies.Box office should well and fully belong the animated sequel cloudy with a chance of metaballs 2 , where Sony pictures animation has found success in the past.. it’s going to make a second attempt this month opening record on the box office.

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