Rush (2013) Movie Review, Soundtrack, Rating & Star Cast

RUSH movie is based on a true  story directed by Ron Howard, which is a dramatic and action movie.. it stars Chris Hemesworth as Hunt and Daniel bruhl as Lauda. The first premiered in London on Sep, 2, 2013. was shown and was released theatrically on Sep 13 2013 but i found “RUSH” is suffering from the same problem as most race- track movie , even if measures have been taken to give the public , a behind the week point. on some level every film has heroes and willians , sometime they can be one and the same and they aren’t always defined, but in the end there are no moments and characters you cheer others you root against. in such movies like race movies the hero and willain are more defined..

Rush (2013) Movie Review, Soundtrack, Rating & Star Cast Rush (2013) Movie Review, Soundtrack, Rating & Star Cast-1

RUSH overview :
This is often about Hollywood that the actions movies are highly  succeed. The theme of the RUSH isn’t bad exactly, but it’s like a standard issue male action programmer that some how crept in from an earlier era , it is perfectly titled.. it is a nervy movie, supported by two expectational performances from hems worth and Bruhl, who show a commitment to character dignity and the unsteady steps of blossoming respect, making only spare use of overpowering clichle. it is nicely played an eclectic cast and directed like a European drama rather than a big American epic . however, these all aspects of RUSH opines the great achievement on box office .

CHIRS HEMSWORTH plays an English men James hunt .he seems a talented and aggressive play boy .DANIEL BRUHL (Inglourious basterds ) in the Australia Niki lauda, a perfectionist who views race car driving as a business and one he not good at, but understands better than anything else. In toranto , the films premiere was held on 2 , Sep academy award winner Ron Howard in two time . JAMES HUNT and NIKI lauda are two highly skilled racer , when both their cars spin out and eventually wins the race.. the story is based on action with highly settled dialogues. The story follows their distinctly different personals styles on and off the track, their loves and the astonishing 1976 seasons in which both drivers were willing to rist everything and then become the world championship racers. story line :

average rating: 7.6/10
Reviews Counted: :83

Whats good in movie :
A refreshingly positive approach to the sports genre, celebrating the best parts of competition and refusing to wallow in the worst.
Whats bad:
It was immediately apparent that there was a slick formulaic surface clinging to this cinematic road trip.And for me, that was a turnoff.


  • Chris hemsworth
  • Tom wlaschiha
  • Daniel bruhl
  • Olivia wilde
  • Rebecca Ferdinando
  • Josephine de La Baume
  • Tom Wlaschiha


  • Ron howard
  • Techinical info: camera : ARRI Alexa plus
  • Sound mix: SDDS Datasat
  • Filming locations : England , Uk, germany and so on..



Title Artist



“1976” Hans Zimmer


“I Could Show You If You’d Like” Hans Zimmer


“I Hear You Knocking” Dave Edmunds


“Stopwatch” Hans Zimmer


“Into the Red” Hans Zimmer


“Budgie” Hans Zimmer


“Scuderia” Hans Zimmer


“Gimme Some Lovin'” Steve Winwood


“Oysters in the Pits” Hans Zimmer


“20%” Hans Zimmer


“Dyna-mite” Mud


“Watkins Glen” Hans Zimmer


“Loose Cannon” Hans Zimmer


“The Rocker” Thin Lizzy


“Car Trouble” Hans Zimmer


“Glück” Hans Zimmer


“Nürburgring” Hans Zimmer


“Inferno” Hans Zimmer


“Mount Fuji” Hans Zimmer


“For Love” Hans Zimmer


“Reign” Hans Zimmer


“Fame” David Bowie


“Lost But Won” Hans Zimmer


“My Best Enemy” Hans Zimmer


Rush Film (2013) Official Trailer Video:

James Hunt and Niki Lauda Battled for the formula championship.It is a story line. It is why there are so few successful motor racing novels; reality is so weird that there is little room left for fiction. it has been so long that Hollywood have done a racing movie .it is not all comfortable. Laudaa’s Accident and recovery in the movie is painful to watch which seems in dramatic form. as, Howard has been brutal with his reality . But rightly so.F1 was painful in that era.

A good feature film about Grand Prix racing was long, long overdue.. this is it. an upcoming movie with the great suspense and loads of actions just coming on the cinemas, The movie rveals and opines the great biographical theme. Every shot and dialogue is in a good way to seems.

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