Super Model “Veena Malik” Movie Reviews, Storyline & Star Cast

Super Model "Veena Malik" Movie Reviews, Storyline & Star Cast

The upcoming movie to be released soon “Super Model” has a strong story board which is very well written and its plot has been set in line with the other components to make it a complete entertainer.

Coming back to the story line of the movie….Super Model revolves around the true story on the life of a model; actually a Super model who has been facing quite ups and downs not just in her career life but in her personal life due to her career as well. Apparently the role of the model is envied by many, who don’t know the deep insights of their lives. The movie gives a true and real picture of what their real life is all about. And that is truly depicted with the role of Veena Malik in the movie. She with Ashmit Patel; both are playing the lead roles in the movie along with supporting casts.

The movie is expected to take Veena Malik to all the heights of fame in the Bollywood industry and might give her the deserving position in the list too. However, that all is going to be explored right after its release. Till then, just keep your fingers crossed for what the movie has stored for us as an entertainer.

Super Model "Veena Malik" Movie Reviews, Storyline & Star Cast Super Model "Veena Malik" Movie Reviews, Storyline & Star Cast

The movie is going to be released under the huge banner production of Maruti Movies with Fiji Private Ltd. However, the movie has been perfectly produced with the combined efforts of Ravi Ahlawat and Prem Gupta; the sound producers of the industry.

The movie has been beautifully and quite aesthetically directed by Navin Batra through all perspectives. Keeping in view all the shades and importance of directional angles, the movie is going to make a mark for the director’s expertise.

The most important factor, while getting started with any movie is the right choice and selection of the actors/cast, which would be appearing in the movie for their respective roles. For that, again a good choice has been made by choosing;

1.    Veena Malik who has captured and gained much attention by first appearing in the Indian reality show of Big Boss. She has since then being hooked up to quite many projects from the Bollywood industry and has shown her appearance in some shows as well.
2.    Ashmit Patel a renowned artist from the Bollywood industry is yet all set to make his appearance in this movie opposite to Veena Malik. They both have said to have quite a chemistry developed between them right from the reality show of “Big Boss” and we will be seeing them together again under this production of “Super Model”. Let’s figure out how their chemistry seems to work out on the big screen.
3.    Jackie Shroff he has a very seasoned and mature actor who has done number of hit movies in the industry and we are keeping our fingers crossed to see him again after a long time in this movie.
4.    Harsh Chhaya everybody in the movie has been given the right choice of roles within their capacity and so as the Harsh Chhaya.

Filming Location:
The movie has been entirely shot and filmed in India, where some of the shooting part has been executed on Fiji Islands too.

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