Transformers 4 (2014) Release Date, Official Trailer, Plot Summary & Star Cast

Michael’s official twitter has debuted a new behind the scenes still from the directors forthcoming. Mark Wahlberg,JackReynor, Nicola Peltz ,Stanely Tucci ,Kilsey Grammer,Sophia Myles ,Li Bingbing. T.J. Miller ,Han geng and titus are starring of the movie┬áRelease date: June ,27,2014. Now, as far back as a day ago, we pointed out that “Age of Extinction” was an appropriate title for two reasons:

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Release Date: 27 June 2014 (USA)
Director: Michael Bay
Writer: Ehren Kruger (screenplay)
Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor | See full cast and crew

1. “Age of Extinction” could refer to a history involving the rumored dinobots.
2.The subtitle could also refer to the rumored deaths/transformations that certain characteristics could go through – a “changing of the guard” for the franchise.

The dinobots have long been rumored to b making their debuts in ” Transformers4″, er, “Transformers:Age of Extinction”, mostly because including those characters seems like the next logical step in the franchise’s evolution.
beyond this, plot details on “Transformers:

Transformers 4 (2014) Official Trailer:

Trailer are Available here Soon!

Age of Extinction” are beng kept under wraps. we do know the lead this time will b played by MARK WAHLBERG, who takes over the reins from shia labeouf.wahlberg rereams with his “Pain & Gain” director michael bay,who ha already been taken quick to talk up the action in the new film,reffering to a” chase from hell”that promises to up the auto-based carnage to even more chaotic levels than before.

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