Waar (2013) Pakistani Movie Review, Release Date & Star Cast

Waar (2013) Pakistani Movie Review, Release Date & Star Cast

Past Few years we have seen an improvement in the Pakistan Cinema. This improvement has been reflected the earlier movies like ‘ Khuda Ka Liya’ and ‘Bol’ which were mega hit at the all over the world screens. Another such project like ‘WAAR’ is on its way to hit the Pakistani Cinemas. The movie’s first full length feature in collaboration with ISPR. The film smash hit ‘A Walk to Remember’ and numerous others well known. Waar is an action /Thriller/ dramatic movie. And finest actors Shaan and Shamoon are the leading role. Otherwise the rest of the cast are brand new actor.

Story Line:
The storyline has been inspired by the war on terror in Pakistan and its effects on the world but with a much stylized interpretation of it. The movie story is all about the facts and terrorism line which people are facing now in all over the world. In other way the mean and concept of the movie is to portray the scene which is being existed in reality. To attract the watchers such dramatic theme is also included in the movie, not to show the movie unusual facts. The entire cast and crew have been worked hard to opine the story truly.

There have been Hollywood movies which have dealt with the same situation as Pakistani and Muslims are facing those Hardships, the movie is also just about the reality of Muslims and portraying the all actions and situation of the fact, including Syriana 2005 and A Mighty Heart are the movies having same concept but failed to show situation properly expect for Syriana which received generally positive reviews from the public.


Release Date:
The most anticipated Pakistani movie ever ‘WAAR’ will be released on 6th October worldwide. Much awaited will too no late. The theatrical trailer is much impressive and impacts well.  It was previously announced that the movie is giving a tough competition to the other three Pakistani movies but unfortunately movie will not in Sep but in cot. Warr is an English language Pakistani action and dramatic film directed by Bilal Lashari. The movie will be released hit over.

Cast and Crew:
Shan    …  Mujtaba
Shamoon Abbasi….. Ramal
Messha Shafi … Zoya
Ali Azmat … Ejaz
Hamza Abbasi…  Ehtasham

Director and Producer:
The maker of the film, Bilal Lashari has been working really hard to make things work for this movie which is based on the idea of countering terrorism.
Line Producer: Jameel Ahmed
Producer of the Movie… Omer Manzoor
Executive producer: Hassan Waqas Rana,,
The movie is quietly directed by Bilal Lashari, and as well written by Hassan Waqas Rana.

Waar (2013) Official Full Trailer:

Box office Predictions:
The movie went on air exactly 2 years back but due to uncertain hurdles the movie failed to make its way to the cinemas. The movie comes under the banner of ARY digital Films and holds a significant importance to do its relevance. it was highly predicted that the movie might not being decant business as there were no strong promotion campaigns been seen by the advertisers and now that it will releasing, it can be expected that the team will come up with better and more profitable plan. It is a hope that the efforts been put in by our celebrities in the said project bring fruitful result.

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