Zinda Bhaag (2013) Movie Review

Zinda Bhaag (2013) Movie Review

The Oscar nominated movie Zinda Bhag was the best movie of the year. There are some peculiarities that may have made the job a bit easy, it is set in Lahore and it focuses on three lower-middle class youngsters who have been taken the title of the film a little too literally.

The movie is directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi that hooks Pakistani talent with Indian submission technical craftsmanship and elbows its way into Oscar foreign film.  , Zinds Bhag isn’t flawless, but its idiosyncrasy is what makes it relocatable. It was released by ARY Films and Foot print Entertainment, Produced by Matteela Films, Written by Ms. Gaur and Mr. Nabi, Music by Sahir Ali Bhagga Editing by Shan Muhammad Cinematography by Satya Nagpaul.

Cast and crew:
Amna Ilyas , Slman Ahmed , Samiya Mumtaz, Khurram Pataras , Manzar Sehbai, Nseerudin Shah and Zohaib are the cast of the movie.

Release date:
The release date in Pakistan is 20 Sep 2013 and the release date in USA is 18 October 2013.

Zinda Bhaag Storyline:
Their way is often an illegal game of chance that can backfire tremendously with either a bullet to the head, a jail cell, deportation and as the opening scene tell us, an air mailed corpse. A portion of the movie shifts between Pelvhan’s real life stories told in splotchy, reel life negative look and Khaldi, Taambi, Chitta the three youths who will ultimately be inclined to Zindart Bhaag from Pakistan. Khaldi is a narrative hook: we see him with his family, a set of women with disheveled hair gulled to the idiot box watching a woman’s “Auqat”, his girl friend

an elfin sales woman who cons people to buying her home made beauty soap and his pals who he drives to work with a company, and the company van plays an i8ntegral role in establishing a link to the obviousness of their individual shortcomings. Unlike some of the more in your face release Mr. Gaur and Mr. Nbi’s screenplay never stoops to over burden the ambiance of of the entire movie with undue theatrics. Unfortunately, like most features the same about Mr. Shah

Box Office Predictions:
Disappears quite from the movie which perhaps one of the biggest let down of the movie. As soon as someone leaves Pakistan, their essence more or less evaporates from the picture almost like in real life. I get the point Ms. Gaur and Mr. Nabi were trying to make, but in cinematic terms without scenes to bridge their departures or small inserts of them in mid-list of their journey, the influence is less sweeping.
There’s reveals a level of pluck especially with the film’s dialogues that makes everyone human here. And yet, like real people.

Zinda Bhaag (2013) Movie Review

Music of the movie:
The songs some better, some space fillers are sparingly, if sometimes unnecessary. ‘’Pata Yaar Da’’, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is aptly placed and yet didn’t really feel at home. Dekhaingay sung by Jabbar Abbas happens as a celebratory cum rebellion fashion in the kitchen .For the season though, ‘’Panini Ad Bulla’’ by Abram Ulf Has is tagged within the opening credits in the design of a little scroll.

Last but definitely not the less was Arif Lohar’s Paar Channah which gave me Goosebumps and of course all’s Favorite Ammanat’s Ali ‘’Kurri Yes Ai’’. In short it would not be wrong to say that the music Zinda Bhag is one of the best ones. If not the only one, to come out of Pakistan in the recent time. This is what you call a movie album, where all kinds of music and melodies ranging from the fast preppy numbers to thought provoking and full of feel sad numbers.

Track #




1“Paar Channah”Arif Lohar & Saleema Jawad4:00
2“Saari Saari Raat”Sahir Ali Bagga, Farah Anwar4:00
3“Dekhenge”Jabar Abbas4:00
4“Taariyan”Sahir Ali Bagga4:00
5“Pani da Bulbula”Abrar ul Haq4:00
6“Pata Yaar Da”Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sahir Ali Bagga4:00
7“Kurri Yes A”Amanat Ali, Iqra Ali4:00

To conclude we can say that the movie is not at enraging masala. The film may have drama, romance, comedy and a message to give. The film is the perfect example of those who believe in social message. A special mention here of the abrupt ending the film had.

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