The Last Days on Mars (2013) Movie Official Trailer Video Free Download

The movie is based on science Fiction and fantasy world,as to to aware people from their base It was screened in the Directors Fortnight section at the 2013 Cannes.Working from Clive Dawson screenplay ,Robinson does a decent job establishing the shared resentment of the crew.Before you can say “Indie Prometheus’, ,However,one of the researchers discovers a mysterious bacteria that gradually transforms those infected by disease in to murderous walking corpses.After a lovely buildup.”The Last Days of Mars” abruptly shifts into uninspired zombie territory.

That might be sufficient if the script didn’t loose its edge as well.In an all too brief moment of self criticism ,one astronaut asserts, Put people under enough pressure and you will find out who they really are, to which a peer sarcastically replies, That’s what deep It is a shameless thing because movie contains enough visual inspiration to make the case that Robinson could work wonders in the science film ,There’s plenty to admire here- from the ominous opening shots, in which a massive sandstorm engulfs the base,to concluding image of a blinking against the black void of space.

The Last Days on Mars (2013) Movie Official Trailer Video Free Download

The last days on mars:
Average rating: N/A
In theaters: Dec6,2013 Limited
Directed  by: Ruairi Robinson
Written by: Sydney J.Bounds ,Clive Dawson

The Last Days on Mars (2013) Movie Official Trailer:

THE LAST DAYS OF MARS provides a window into great mars movies that might have been and a remainder that we’re still waiting for one.

The trailer give away very little about the plot and main threat of the movie, but they succeed in show casing some the ensemble cast who will no doubt be the driving force behind the drama.In the addition to Leiv Schreiber,the film also features ELIAS KOTTEAS , star of David Cronenberg’s Crash as well as more recent thrillers like ZODIAC and SHUTTER ISLAND ,Less well known actors include Olivia Williams and female lead Romola Garai. The last days on mars ultimately look like someone took alien ,2001 : A space Odysses, Promethus, Moon,28 years later and possibly Ghots of mars ,so this will be a welcome addition to 2013’s roster. The Last Days on Mars will be available to order on VOD from October 31st,2013 and will also receive limited theatrical release.

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