Boss (2013) Music Review | Boss Movie Soundtrack Playlist

Boss (2013) Music Review | Boss Movie Soundtrack Playlist

Blue movie director Anthony D’Souza doesn’t seem to have been disheartened by the lack of overwhelming response for their move, now they have returned with completing their all lack was contained in the previous movie and returns as in full force with his second project, overwhelming response for his debut film, as he returns in full force with his second project, Boss. Akshay Kuamr and Anthony pair up again for the remake of Malayalam film Pokkiri Raja. Releasing on the 16th of October, Boss boasts of a supporting cast consisting of Shiv Pandit, Adit Rao Hydari and Raonit Roy.

Music of the film has been creating much hype courtesy of the ultimate hype creator, Yo Yo Honey Singh who contributes not one but two tracks to the album. The film music has been applauded by audiences for its entertainment factor, where the music is attractive and is pompous and has a pumping energy according to the concept of the movie .each track has invariably melody. Despite the presence of multiple music directors the and lyricists , the song is much appreciated and attractive. The songs are vibrant and filled with an fervor mostly.   The title track have probably already grown accustomed to , courtesy of its multiple rounds on music channels both on TV and radio.

The music lyrics are written by Kumaar, Manoj Yadav and Sahil Kaushal Lill Gollu. Title song is pretty lackluster , slightly heard electronic music, massy. Honey Singh tries well but in vain.

  • Boss Title Track Review:

The title kick starts Honey Singh collaborating with Meet Bros for the title song. For a change, as song dosen’t work simply because it’s Honey Singh.It works for the sharp and dynamic voices of its lead.

  • Har Kisi Ko Review:

Har Kisi Ko borrows elements from the original ‘Jaane baaz’ song of the same name while keeping its own identity, increased tempo for instance and some unnaturally loud orchestration. Anandji Kalyaniji’s Har Kise Ko Nahi milta from 1986 film Jannbaaz could have been easily been missed. Though the singer Arjit singh and Nikhil D’Souza are both first rate at their jobs, the lack creativity in making something new is unimpressive.

  • Party all night Review:

Party all night goes in leagues in with the title song, with a constant synth bass and DJ elements merged with Honey Singh’s drunken vocals, ends up slightly more impressive, for the time being. Though the vast repetition of techno beats might get tedious after a point, the song gives a frisk high.

  • Pitah Se Hai Naam Tera Review:

Pitah Se Hai Naam Tera is ordinary; Sonu Nigam tries his best to shine up this devotional track, while Meet Bros. struggle, composition wise. Sonu Nigham who has become a  quite a rarity in Bollywood play back si Renger singing these days still has the qualities brilliancy b in his voice that made him iconic once . However, this song is also sung by him which makes the song’s impact good on the listeners

  • Hum Na Tode Review:

Hum Na Tode, a song remake of Vidyasagar’s original ‘    Appadi Pode’ excites much. Vishal Dadlani is in his usual bombastic self while the song is complete with the addictive kuthu elements! It is a fascinating and imaginative of popular Tamil tract. The songs say perfect homage to the Tamil song and deliver a brilliant new version of the same. Well, the song impact’s good and reveals out a brilliant melody.

  • All songs album review:

The all the songs in their space and in tone is powerful and entertaining zing. As the theme of the movie it would be the good time pass to listen but not will be the master piece, on the other hand it will ensure the listeners and public to attracts them to listen and to watch the movie.

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