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The album cover of Krrish 3 comes with a classic designed all back jacket with the title engraved in gleaming silver font, but you soon realize it has little to do with what lies inside.  The first song Krrish Krrish, sung by a campy Mama Sharma, dosen’t have a single redeeming quality.

A number promoting national integration that appears to be inspired out of a Manmohan Dasai film, God ALLAH Aur Bhagwan is rendered well by Sonu Nigam and Sheryl Goshen. The song has quite a few obvious inspirations Johnny Janardan and goron Ki Na Kallon Ki. The track is dramatic is some parts and in others totally situational but the message of peace , harmony and love that the song delivers is surely praiseworthy , and given the real life persona of a good human being, Hrithik is the best person to spread the message.

Krrish 3 (2013) Music Review Songs Playlist Krrish 3 (2013) Music Review Songs Playlist

The songs sound out of sync and the composer seems to be caught in a time warp, but nonetheless two songs, Raghupati Raga and You Are My Love have the potential to climb the charts. The audio is aimed at the kids and family, as they are the target audience. Having said that, these very numbers, that are sounding childish and outdated, may become popular when film opens to packed houses this Diwali, as there is no doubting the huge star power and popularity of Hrithik and brand Krrish! Salim Sulaiman’s haunting Krrish theme, composed for the original back ground music of Krrish, is slaughtered by a faux electonica arrangement. A robotic voice whispering Krrish’s name deserves special mention for transporting the listener to the universe of Shaktimaan, instead of ultra modern super hero movie. At least it sounds melodious in parts. The less said about the lyrics of this song, by Sameer Anjan ,

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  • Tu Hi Bata Review :

Tu hi Bata doesn’t have a bad tune, but Rajesh Rosh an seems to be stuck with the old way of arranging a song that it ends up being another insipid affair. It is sincerely sung by Sonu Nigham and Shreya Ghoshal but sounds too outdated to be taken seriously.

  • You Are My Love Review:

You are my love is such a worst that brilliant singers like Mohit Chauhan and Alisha Chinai have been wasted in You are my love .it is such a disaster and beats dosen’t quite make a puddle. It isi’nt genius but perhaps the only hear-able track from the album. It is the feel of folk based Rai music that shows a little originality.

  • God , ALLAH Aur Bhagwan Review:

God ALLAH aur Bhagwan is a well intentioned song along with the Melody which repeats many tunes from Krrish. The lyrics are again amateurish and absolute a shout in front of most contemporary music albums.

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DJ Shiva has tired on both this song and refurbished the both songs with great editing in vocals marvel from the rehashed variety of the same.

Despite being well packaged, Krrish 3 is still just another regular effort by Rajesh Roshan. Post Kaho Na Pyaar hai, the gifted composer has been displaying a techno vibe, throwing a little of KNPH into everything. Mediocrity with standing , Rakesh Roshan has a solid cast Hrithik Roshan , Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut and an interesting promotion campaign that boost audio sales. While the songs are likely to work as part of the movie, none of them hold the staying power of Rajesh Roshan’s earlier work. As huge fan of Roshan, I need to say that music lovers have high hopes of him and hopefully he is more appealing the next time around. The next track features Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal belonged somewhere in the 90s or 80s and even then it wouldn’t fit in! Sonu Nigam and Sherya Ghosal execute a very forced enthusiasm in the track. The chorus repetition only takes the tacky, chess’ and dated element to a whole another level.

The running theme through this review has been the fact that this album is as dated as they come! Possibly Rajesh Roshan’s work work and that too for one of the most anticipated films of the year. The burden of the colossal failure of this album has to be shared with lyricist Sameer Anjjan as the lyrics are as big of a failure as the compositions. Here ‘s hoping the film impresses to an extent that you forget to listen to the tracks in the cinema hall because sitting for 3 hours in a closed room listening to these tracks will no doubt be a real test.

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