Mickey Virus (2013) Music Review | Mickey Virus Movie Soundtrack Playlist

Mickey Virus (2013) Music Review | Mickey Virus Movie Soundtrack Playlist

Mickey virus is a comedy-thriller starring TV host Manish Paul, and newcomer and big boss 7 contestant Elli avram.The similarities between this movie and Ayushman Khuarana; s “vickey donor” have not gone UN noticed by public. But there end are not comparative.  The film features Manish Paul, Elli Avram is one of the contestants of Big Boss 7, and she should inside the house of Big Boss, cut from the time of movie Release, making it a first of its kind Bollywood.

It is a comic story set in the Delhi, India. When Delhi Police comes across a case revolving around hacking, they began their search a case to find a computer hacker who can help them crack this case. Lazy but street smart hackers who can actually help them solve the case. Mickey runs a grocery store in the day time and creates virus for antivirus companies in the night along with his tom boy frond Chutney who always helps him out in all the jobs.

Music Review:
HANIF SHAIKH, Arun Kumar, Manoj Yadav.
Manish Paul, Arjit Singh, Altamash Farid, Shdab Faridi, Mohit Chauhan, Palak Muchhal, Nikhil Paul George, Siddhant Sharma, Angel Roman.
The sound track, too, could’nt escape such scrutiny, the movie’s directed by Saurabh Varma, while the music has been created by composer Hanif shailkh.

Pyaar China Ka Maal Review:

The first track ‘Pyaar china ka maal’ has been sung by Manish Paul himself. Songs like these are plenty but the lyrics are completely amusing.’Pyaar chalay to chand tk wrna sham tk’ will soon find fans in college-goers and hit clubs henceforth. A comical approach is given to this track which belongs to the fun genre. Beats are nice, but very ordinary. The back vocals are perfect.

Tose Naina Review:

The next track ‘Tose naina’ has been sung by Arijit singh, who pleases in this song with a kind of a rare honesty that springs straight from the heart. It’s a soothing romantic melodious track. The beats are goo and sets a beautiful rythum.The recording an arrangement have been one much better an so long would have sounded awesome. Though the tune is flat at times but overall it’s a worth listen!

Sajna Ve Sajna Ve Review:

‘Sajna Ve Sajna Ve’ has a strong Punjabi tadka and comes from the vocal chords of Altamash Fairidi and shadab Fairfi.It fails to impress. Tremendous attempt is done on this song, Both the brothers sang very well as they are experts in these types of tracks, Lyrics go well in the mood in this track Arrangements are very nice an engaging.

Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne Review:

Mohit chuan sings the fourth track on the list ‘Ankhon hi ankhon ne’ the female vocals in the duet belong to Palak muchal.A simple romantic song with nit much creativity, ordinary songs an lyrics, yet song is very usual a non attractive. No doubt but lacks of creativity and adds extra simplicity and sweetness that give a very ordinary sound.

Mickey Virus Review:

The album comes to a close with a little track, Mickey virus. The song highlights the hilarity of the situation in that is it in a form of a conversation, one about the lead Mickey’s qualities. The album is exactly ground-breaking. It has a very unique kind of composition.Sounds are perfectly sung. The arrangement has been done excellently and the whole composition and lyrics are creatively made. Thumbs up for this creativity!

It could have been a little better. The sound track is good decent songs but some or other drawbacks in each track have let down the value of the album.Hanif shaikh has done an impressive job composing and writing both keeping the basic melody simple and good. The two guest’s composers for the title track have also embraced the sound tracks with their creativity.

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