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Satya 2 (2013) Music Review

Satya 2 movie is a sequel to his earlier block buster Staya 2. The film tells us a story of Satya, an immigrant who comes to Mumbai aiming to re fashion the Mumbai World. By the year 2013, Mumbai under world Don was erased by Mumbai Police., Satya, a man without a past, comes to the city en-vision their birth of his company.

Satya 2 is a fruitistic film, is not in terms of science fiction, but in the terms of there being a precedent for the protagonist of Satya 2. He starts a new underworld company based on his study of the mistakes of all earlier Dons and also on the ways he develops to deal with the modern day policing methods.

Only after a new kind of crime happens will police learn how to contain or prevent It.! In one time, Satya 2 is about man whose thinking starts where the earlier dons thinking ended, explaining RGV. A man called Satya came in 1998 got into under world and died. Satya 2 is another man, SATYA who comes in 2013 to reinvent the under world, Sounds like a formula for a super violent gang bang flick no.

Music Review:
On a different note, looking at the musical journey in Ram Gopal’s Varma’s films it is began with the satya is back again by Shweta Pandit Verrani followed the music less . This followed by the famous, well heard and discussed scores by A.R rehman. Satya 2 is marked departure from his previous, and a notable one too.

With control song by Sonny Ravan penning lines, one nomination for lyrics is but obvious; and the other comes in the form of musical beats. The singer reigns with serene vocal expression in the song Control and those words are used in the song suggest how closely this song resembles with the movie beautiful tracks.

Saathi Re Review:

Rishi Singh and Tishika Jain team up to create a beautiful song Satthi Re that has a generous melody way. The song stands on their own merit, but pale in the context of their comparable scores from the movie different songs, this is not striking vocals, the lyrics, or the music. May be originally and familiarity could explain the difference of feeling.

Taaqat Review:

The son Taqat by Hircha Naryan which being different as a song, with some comparable in the all the songs, the song come across in the spiritually and instantly. The song is composed very beautifully for the listeners.

 Maangne Se Review:

The title song Manege Se by Argha Banjerjee and Sanjeev Rathord rounding the album an upbeat theme score by the singers and composer, however, this is not the spirit of the movie theme, but the lyrics are loaded with similes and metaphors, for which there are few comparable.

Tu Nahi Review:

Tu nahi is the song sung by Lenorad Nictor and Shweta Pandit, penning the lines, one nomination for lyrics, at the same time, the singers is as frivolous as he always is with the light songs and to a keen ear, even uniquely abstract too. With the best singers and distinctive lyrics,

Special Item Song:

Satya 2 Full Songs Jukebox:

Veerani Review:

Special the song by Payel Aditya Dev that has generous melody will attract the listeners. This is not to discount the striking vocals, the lyrics or the music which is very attractive. The song is best in this album, and I would go to the extent of saying that the album is worth a buy; the entire album is well departure with all peppy simple and similar songs as well.

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