Shahrukh khan & Deepika Upcoming Movie “Happy New Year” (2014)

Happy New Year is an Indian movie…coming all the way from Bollywood. In the list of Bollywood treats all planned for the year ahead; this one is surely going to lead the way with its release. Bollywood movies are hitting the screens with full entertainment throttle in today’s world to engage the audiences at large, not just limited to their own domestic public but for the world all over. Therefore; keeping that context in mind…they’ve been making movies catering to the larger share of market, in all genres that would entertain and leave their mark for longer span of time in the viewers’ minds and hearts.

Shahrukh khan & Deepika Upcoming Movie Happy New Year (2014) Shahrukh khan & Deepika Upcoming Movie Happy New Year (2014)

In recognition of Bollywood triumph; we’re going to list down some important aspects relating to this upcoming treat for the year 2014…below;

Release date:
The release of the movie has been planned quite meticulously for the Diwali of 2014, to add more festive taste to the occasion.

Director & Producer:
Happy New Year is directed by one of the renowned director Farah Khan, who is performing as an actress and a successful experienced choreographer in the Bollywood cinematic world. She has directed many other movies, to her credit…which has made her name quite sound in the market as a successful director too right along with her choreographer career.

However, as for the production’s credit…Gauri Khan has all set her name to it. The movie has been produced by Ghauri Kham for Red Chillies Entertainment.

For the success of any movie that is made; cast plays the vital role in it…for it’s the actors who plays the characters in the movie and it depends all on them how much justification they do with it. Therefore, making the right choice in the selection of cast of the movie is a significant task. For this movie, therefore some top-notched actors have been hired including;

–    Deepika Padukone
–    Shahrukh Khan
–    Abhishek Bachchan
–    Boman Irani
–    Sonu Sood
–    Vivaan Shah
–    Prithviraj

Planning & Production Phase:
Farah Khan had a plan for this movie way back in time when she was making Om Shanti Om…which was exactly a replacement for this movie in year 2005. Somehow the idea for this movie was dropped and then after the release of Om Shanti Om and Tees Maar Khan in year 2010; Farah started planning for this one again; therefore she started off with its planning phase and done with its scripting part in October 2012.

Though the movie is just in the middle of its filming phase; therefore revealing the storyline wouldn’t have been possible, since it’s not actually leaked out. However, the outline shows the characters played in the movie. Happy New Year is starring the legendary star “Shahrukh Khan” who is playing a psycho lover role in the movie; whereas Deepika Padukone is playing a Marathi girl who is a dancer in the movie. Sonu Sood is playing a supporting role; whereas we’ll get to see Jackie Shroff in the movie after a long time as well.

Shahrukh khan & Deepika Upcoming Movie Happy New Year (2014) Shahrukh khan & Deepika Upcoming Movie Happy New Year (2014)

Being it the Farah Khan’s movie; the music scene has to be real gone and is surely going to be the case, since she herself is a good music taste lover. Therefore; Farah Khan has recorded songs of the movie with the famous and known composer in the Bollywood cinematic industry Vishal Dadlani. The music of the movie is certainly therefore going to be melodious and heart-touching.

The shooting and filming of the movie has been started off in Dubai…Atlantis! The people of Dubai warmly welcomed the cast and crew of the movie and extended their hospitality to them at their utmost comfort, which has always been the case from their end. In Dubai, the Dolphin Bay, the Pristine beach at the Atlantis have been chosen as the favorite ones by Farah as the shooting spot, whereas the rest of the movie is going to be filmed indoor.

All the cast and crew members have been widely excited for this project and started looking forward to this one from the very start. Now since the actual filming has started; it is going to come out surely as an extravagant project.


  1. Sahaphap says:

    May this New year Brings you
    Everlasting Happiness and peace
    Success in whatever you do
    Prosperity to you and your family
    Fills your home with joy and spirit
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. Anish Gupta says:

    Click to read the complete biography of Shahrukh Khan Wife Gauri Khan

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