Acting Tips How To become a Professional Actor or Actress

Media industry has grown at a much faster pace in recent times than ever and due to this advancement; many medium relating have emerged in the market. Both television and film making industry has seen boom and have developed quite much than ever before. And in the same context, we’re seeing new faces in the capacity of actors, directors, behind the camera staff, singers and all other modes. However, we all know on-screen actors stand out the most among all.

Well, in the lot of many actors today; not all can be listed as the professional ones. There are many who miss out on something and some have excellent command over their work and have earned quite fame over time staying in the field. There are few key things to be noticed for one in order to become a professional actor and make their mark in the industry. Having a good know-how of these tips would certainly benefit all; which are listed below.

Acting Tips How To become a Professional Actor or Actress

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1. Grip on Story board:
When signing up for a project; what is obvious is to go through the story board in coordination with the project team, in order to understand and gain full command over the story. Many of the actors show up on their auditions without rehearsing or memorizing their story lines, which is quietly important for one to do. With all the glitters of showbiz, camera rolling, on-screen nervousness….one has to be confident over him/her to have a strong grip over their story lines to stand out as a performer. We’ve seen in recent times the trend of holding the script or a teller to narrate the story as it goes…which is very unprofessional and not appreciated by the professionals’ lot. Therefore, get prepared with your story board and script in order to impress the surroundings.

2. Set Etiquettes:
Another key thing to be kept in mind is to know the set etiquettes; which includes a comprehensive knowing of exactly to-dos and not-to-dos on the set. Like firstly, one needs to know to check in with the Assistant director when you arrive on the set. Let them know their availability status all the time; so they don’t get in the hassle of finding you around when it’s time to shoot. You should know your rates, without disclosing it to any other party and cooperate well with the crew around on the set to produce an effective outcome, at the same time developing a professional attitude and relationship with your coworkers.

3. Know your Work:
Acting is a complete business and one should be well aware of their assigned work, without jumping into it. Since there are on-screen judgers, therefore you should have full command over it, without any interruptions. Hire an agent, who communicates on your behalf, done with your dealings and gets you a character. Moreover, develop friendships with people from your workplace; it won’t only make you a better person but would also aid you in becoming a professional one by having wide diversity and knowledge on different things.

4. Time Management:
It is the most important point for one, if to become a professional actor. Nothing gives a worse picture of you having a reputation for always being late. This would not only avoid directors to contact you but would also produce a very bad impression of you on others. Therefore; come on time, well prepared and ready to work. Hard work on the set from crew members, to dress designers, makeup artists and everyone else…you’ll know all this become possible to produce a super hit product if everything starts off on time.

5. Positive Attitude:
Be positive, open, honest and giving to others in terms of your cheerful attitude; for that would apprehend your willingness to learn, truthfulness and other developing qualities. There are quite important for one in being a pro towards your career. Openness and your positive attitude would ease your co-workers to give space and welcome any suggestions to make you work even better.

6. Be Attentive:
One needs to be quite attentive and pay full adherence to the on-set going instructions. You should be well aware of the activity on the set, and listen who is saying what. Most of the time, behind the camera crew is preparing for shoot; therefore pay special attention to anything the director says.

7. Practice:
One can never become a perfect actor, until or unless he rehearses or practices a lot. Becoming a professional actor requires much more efforts and constant struggle; be it in the development of character and role personality, auditioning, scene study, understanding camera work, etc. the only way to improve is to practice a lot. Don’t let go any opportunity to enhance your skills and groom yourself as a perfect actor.

8. Follow the Instructions:
Do what you’re told, whether it feels right to you or not. The director knows all in the best of ways; therefore take his words and do all what he instructs you to, without any complaints.

9. Take Risks:
Not to be afraid or scared of; taking risks here means venturing into new ideas and opting to some innovative techniques in your acting. This would definitely add flavors of variety in your acting and would aid in polishing your skills as a professional actor.

10. Give Your Best:
Don’t try to get finished with the screen on your earliest; in fact give proper time to everything and do your best to make every other shot of your better than earlier ones.

One may hear many media socialists saying that acting is tough….well that is for REAL tough, since it’s not an easy job to disguise in an entirely new get up and still ended up acting naturally. But in the end, that is all what it takes to become a professional actor; who eventually stays out in the lot in industry for a longer period.

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