Famous Musical Institutions in India

With development over time in every other subject, we’ve seen numerous field of study emerging every now and then. Many of us have opted to different areas of study, as according to our interests. Since music has evolved too much in today’s time; many institutes around the world have started taking it on a serious note and have developed and introduced degrees and subjects specially catering to music learning.

India; has been among the top in the ranking of music educators. Today, there are number of institutes which have included music courses in their syllabi and others which are offering proper degrees in this prospect. We’ll look in to some of the prominent Universities and colleges among all, which have been offering from quite some time, music related education to its students.

Best Music School Colleges Universities

1.  Visva University:

Situated in West Bengal, the University has listed down music degrees in their prospectus along with their other studies. In lieu of this, they’ve have been offering degrees relating to Master in Hindustani Classical Music Vocal and Masters in Hindustani Classical Music Instrumental including Sitar, Esrai, Tabla and Pakhawaj

2.  University of Delhi:

Situated in centre of Delhi, is the University which is quite famous because of its high ranking of institutes in India. Like many other programs and courses the University has got something for the music lovers as well. The institute Offers Doctor of Philosophy in Music and Post graduate diploma in Music.

3.  Karnataka University:

Karnataka University is another prime institute to be offering music degrees, which includes Master of Arts in Music Vocal and Master of Arts in Music Instrumental specially catering to Tabla learning.

4.  Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey University :

This University is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is privately owned. It offers Bachelors of Arts in Music.

5.  Assam University:

Another profound institute of India, which is offering music learning, is Assam University. This institute is located in Cachar Assam and is funded by the Government. The university offers courses for Bachelors and Masters Degree in co-education system. In context of music, it offers; masters and bachelor’s degree in Table, Vocals, Hindustani and Veena genre.

6.  Goa University:

Located in South Goa end, this University is renowned for its Bachelors in music degree.

7.  Mumbai University:

Famous among all other Universities in India is the Mumbai University. Like many other courses, in different subjects….this University offers a wide variety of musical courses for its students as well. The institute has been recognized overtime by many and has won many competitions in this music genre as well. Some of the prominent courses offered by this institute are;

–          One year pre-diploma foundation course in Hindustani Classical Vocal music

–          Two year diploma course in Hindustani classical vocal/light vocal/sitar and table

–          Bachelors in Music in Hindustani classical/vocal/sitar/table

–          Post-graduation course: Masters in Music in Hindustani Classical vocal

8.  Shivaji University:

Located in Kohlapur, Maharashtra; the University is named after the Great Maratha Warrior and founder of the Maratha Empire Chhatrapati Shivaji. The university was found with an objective to cater to the regional educational needs of South Maharashtra. In perspective of musical education, this institute offers Diploma in Classical music and diploma in Instrumental music.

9.  Daulat Ram College:

A premier college for women is a constituent college of the University of Delhi, which was originally known as Pramila College. This institute was named after Daulat Ram College, which has been known for its democratic spirit, sense of community and intellectual maturity. The institute offers Bachelors of Arts in Music and Masters of Arts in Music (vocal).

10.  Queen Marys College, Chennai:

Located in Chennai-Tamil Nadu, Queen Marys College follows the semester pattern and has a Government owned body. The institute offers an array of courses in all genres and a Masters degree in Arts with specialization in music too.

India has almost over more than 100 private and Government owned institutions which are giving music specific degrees to its students; but listed above are the prominent of them all. However, the courses and syllabi keeps on updating with the changing times and new developments and introduction of new musical instruments and technologies. Every year, many students are successfully graduating from these institutes and making their mark in the Indian musical industry, which is now famous around the world.

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