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We’ve seen in the recent past that the trend of having the item songs in the movie is more like becoming a compulsion, with some new introductory face or a guest appearance by some top-notched actresses is an attractive package for the movie to the audiences. They help in bringing the audiences to the cinema screens by giving them a tint of the movie through these up-beat items numbers.

Top Hottest Bollywood Item Girl Songs Video Download

In present times; almost every other movie is coming up with one unique item song from their end, which is becoming an attractive formula for the fans. Therefore; in lieu of that, we are listing down the item songs of present movies, which have got much fame and are hummed by many around the corners. These include;

1. Oh Lala Oh Lala:

This item song “Oh La la” is from the movie Dirty Picture. The song has been filmed on Vidya Balan and Naseeruddin Shah. The song has a unique touch of eighties era with their outfits, and the getup they’ve worn in this song. The song has got much fame.

2. Sheila Ki Jawani:

The most famous item song number in the recent past was “Sheila ki Jawani” and the attractive factor for this song was the performance of Katrina Kaif…that is a heart-throb of millions around the world. This item song is from the movie Tees Maar Khan. This song has been a blockbuster hit, being directed and choreographed by Farah Khan.

3. Chikni Chameli:

Another hitting and bouncy item song is “Chikni Chameli” from the movie “Agneepath”. Again this item song is filmed on Katrina Kaif and her compelling looks, her typical Indian dance made the song more like a dancing hit number and therefore gained much popularity among the youth today.

4. Munni Badnaam hoi:

Another super hit item song in the most recent past was from the movie “Dabangg” and the song was called “Munni badnaam hoi”. Malaika Arora Khan has performed in the song and she has always been known in the Bollywood industry for her killer looks and sexy body and when it shakes during her dancing steps….makes the audience wide eyes opened looking at her stunning performance. Along with Malaika in the song is Salman Khan…whose funny acts in the song has made it even a complete entertaining package for the audiences.

5. Fevicol Se:

Although KareenaKapoor has not been much seen in the genre of item songs, but she has performed in the latest item song of all “Fevicol se” for the movie Dabagg 2. The song has become a huge success not just in the domestic Indian market, but everywhere the language is understood. Accompanying Kareena in this item song is again Salman Khan.

6. Halkat Jawani:

Halkat Jawani is another most-amazing item song from the latest Bollywood collections. This song is from the very own movie of Kareena Kapoor “Heroine” and she has performed herself in this item number and has astoundingly did her job.

7. Balma:

From the movie Khilai 786 is the items number “Balma”, which is a one hit and dancy number. You’ll get to see a comparatively new face dancing on the Balma floor along with our very own hero Akshay Kumar.

8. Aa re Pritam Pyaare:

Aa re PritamPyaare has been performed by the professional dancers in the movie including Shakti Mohan, Mumaith Khan and Maryam Zakaria, which has successfully added a compelte entertaining dose for the audiences watching it.,

9. Jhallah Wallah:

Another amazing item song is from the movie “Ishaqzaade” and is an super performed song. The lyrics, video, dancing steps and the actors performing on the song are all a complete perfect package.

10. Aga Baai:

Aga Baai has been performed by our very own acting sensation Rani Mukher jee in aiyya. The song has been electronically conceptualized and performed by Amit Trivedi. The steps from the belly dancing style have been opted in the song, being choreographed by the most talented Vaibhavi Merchant. Her unique style of putting the dance steps according to the lyrics of the song make it look so perfect, that anyone can hardly ignore that.

Though the list for the item songs may continue for much longer length, but we’ve listed only the ones that has made a long stay in the minds and hearts of the listeners and are still hummed by them, enjoying the beat.


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