Top 10 Most Popular American Rock n Roll Music Bands

Music is known as a food for soul…and for that reason it has always been “in” in every form, in every genre in all the times. However, every genre of music links back to their histories with some real originators and experimenters, who have evolved music to give it a new form every time. Like we all know with variation in every aspect of life in all the regions of the world; music has its own language in respective areas as well. That too, when we talk precisely about English music; US none the less comes to our minds for their wide variety of music genre, which is a combination of pop, romantic, rock, instrumentals, and many others as well.

Most Popular American Rock n Roll Music Bands in All Time

Looking at the music industry of US… we’ve chosen some real said to be “Rock and Rock” music originators; which have seem boom in their times and whose music or compositions in one way or the other are still humming in our minds.

1.    The Eagles:
The Eagles are unbeatably known to be the best rock and roll music bands in American rock history. They hit the music market with their unforgettable rocking numbers, along with their artistic, commercial and culturally rich features. They have been famous around for their music and their longevity. They have written their own songs and have tons of records sold on their credits.

2.    Aerosmith:
Another super hit American band in their history was formed in 1973, which gave super hits one after another. This band has won the most awards and honors and sold more albums, as compared to any other in the line. The Boston based band developed a hard rock cutting edge through their innovative music and won hearts of many. The famous hit by this band has been “Walk this Way”, which has been covered by number of group.

3.    Santana Blues Band:
A band from San Francisco, which was formed and led by a guitarist Carlos Santana; got its height and fame due to their unique Latin-flavored rock and roll music. They quickly became famous and a sensation in San Francisco’s concert scene. They have released their first album in 1969 at Woodstock.  Though Santana has revolved by many changes in them; but still haven’t lost their fame in present era as well.

4.    Van Halen:
Van Halen has been declared to best the huge among all bands in American history of rock and roll music. Their one song Eddie’s brain-crunching instrumental “Eruption”, completely changed ones perspective to the guitar driven rock forever and the genre has evolved since then.

5.    Guns ‘N’ Roses:
They have known to be the best rock guys who practically set up the world, with a combination of punk, thrash metal along with hair metal in an amazing style.

6.    Metallica:     
In the genre of Rock and Roll music, Metallica has certainly played a great role to put it up and high for all their fans. When it comes to heavy metal; Metallica for everyone around there is the right choice to listen to. They should be thanked for bringing an orchestral blend of brawn and brains to the heavy metal of 80’s. Additionally, they added new complexity and intensity to this genre. Their music has always been thick and brawny; ranging from “enter sandman” to the heavy formation of “nothing else matters”. Their collection became the biggest selling rock music in 90’s era.

7.    The Beach Boys:
The band was formed in 1961 with the combine efforts of guitarist Al Jardine and leader Brian Wilson and even after 50 years; they are still rocking the music market. Overtime, the band has successfully given many hits to the market which were the stuff pop dreams of girls, cars, sunshine and surf but suddenly revolved into the genre of sophisticated songs, instrumentations and studio experimentation.

8.    Nirvana:
They say; it’s quite difficult to find a band that had a great effect on music in the last 30 years. Singles like “smells like teen spirit”, had made a breakthrough in seconds time, which came all over the earlier decade of rock and roll music.

9.    Seattle Grunge Band:
With their very first album release in 1991 by the name of Pearl Jam; they successfully grabbed attention of many rock and roll genre lovers to them. This has known and remembered to be the best rock albums of all the times. The band lost lawsuit due to pricing strategy of their concert tickets; but still is continuing touring around the world and producing quality music albums.

10.    R.E.M.:
The band that belongs to 80’s, started off with an independent label, and continued on with constant touring with their music which was 180 degrees from whatever was on the radio. They made some real great albums in their times, which had great following. Sadly, Even Berry; departed but this hadn’t slowed their music and their passion for experimentation, composition of amazing and emotional melodies.

One can go on in listing down number of rock and roll genre bands in American history; but the point remains intact that rock and roll music had its footsteps deeply engraved in previous decades and still has its roots deep inside when it comes to the famous genres of music. Here we provide American most famous  Pop, rock, metal, jazz, classic, hard rock and instrumentals music band information of all time favorite bands details available here.

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