Ram Leela Movie All Songs Video Complete Soundtrack Video Playlist

Ram Leela Movie All Songs Video Complete Soundtrack Video Playlist

The album is open with Indian Idol 5 contestant Bhoomi Trivedi’s vocals on the rock fusion Ram Chahe leela. The overall feel and light arrangement of the track belies the more serious tone set by Bhansali. Bhommi’s first attempt at signing for a big banner is commendable.

Sanjay Lela bhansali is man who has personified folksy grandeur in contemporary Bollywood. His music of his films are enhancing and enduring! The musical gems of his films of his own and as a composer the man is just fantastic! With a wide taste in music that is evident from his films, bhansali plays tribute to the beauty of commercial cinema’s music by delivering an album that intrinsically well contoured! RAM-LEELA is a movie that is based on romantic love story; the music of the movie makes the movie more romantic by the good fine music of the movie composed by bhansali. Music of this movie proof the man is nothing short of legendary even in music!

SHREYA GHOSHAL and UDIT NARAYAN are fitting well in the shoes of his supremely successful father and in this song, he is perfect latching on well to every tune and every beat, the song is carried out with commendable energy. It is already a chart-buster and Narayan’s appreciation is every bit well deserved. Folk songs are also three played by shreya ghoshal making the song perfect by her very fine and good voice.

Expectation for a movie soundtrack don’t come as high as they come for SLB’S RAM-LEELA often. The fate of Sanjay Lela’s bhansali film isn’t pleasant but there’s no denying that the music of his films leave an impact. For ram Lela he collaborates with Monty Sharma of Samaria fame.  Ram-Lela’s has been launched on the digital platform, exclusively, allowing users special access to the first-hand content. Beautiful compositions and fine voices of the country singers. As Ram-Lela is the hitless movie of Sanjay Lela bhansali, songs of the movie also rocks and it they are the more pleasant songs with such beautiful voices that may have made a good impact on the film.

Ram Leela Movie All Songs Video Complete Soundtrack Video Playlist Ram Leela Movie All Songs Video Complete Soundtrack Video Playlist

Sanjey Lela bhansali is always known for grand events. The filmmaker who composed music for his highly anticipated costume drama was apparently planning a grand music release for the RANVEER SINGH-DEEPIKA PADUKONE starrer.Sanjay had first planned release the RAM-LEELA music last weekend but shifted to october3 after ran veer was diagnosed with dengue. But since he recover and it takes time, sanjay said that he had not to launch his music without ran veer. Ran veer’s dubbing for Ram-Lela is still pending. The actor was supposed to begin his dubbing this week. As this music release was pre planned as grand launch. As its launching is postponed but it would b launched on a confirm date which is not announced yet. The album which boats of an elected mix of songs, will b launched when date will b announced; only when they came to know that ran veer will b healthy to join this launching as his appearance is very important.

Lahu Munh Lag Gaya Video Song Review:

This song is ignored from the instrumental arrangement and it is well synced. Rustic tunes from gujrat, arrangements of rhythm is so perfectly done.Bhansali’s ropes in Shail Hada for it.

Ang Laga De Video Song Review:

This song is seductive track.aditi Paul renders her voice with perfection. Though it is the beautiful track in audio tune and pasteurizing tone. Aditi Paul renders her voice for this song.the most bankable factor in this track will be passionate.

Poore Chand Video Song Review:

This song is ambiance, breezing and soothing! It brings out the passionate chemistry of deepika and ran veer.

Laal Ishq Video Song Review:

This song is soulful. It is a slow song to hear. And it is classical music. Arjiti singh sung the song with well rounded in classical music over six minutes.

Ishqyaun Dhishqyaun Video Song Review:

Is so average song, it misfit in the perfect song album. It’s too plain and lacks the required appeal. It is song was unveiled, music buffs especially lovers of folk music have not stopped praising Bhansali’s efforts, claiming that if SLB has composed the folk based song just to beat Ismail Durbar’s Dholi taro Dhol, he certainly succeeds in his mission; Sherya Goshal’s vocals shine through brilliantly. A perfect sound to rock this year’s Navrati celebrations!!

Mor Bani Thanghat Kare Video Song Review:

This song had Gujarat lyrics and the visibility of this song is memorable musical pieces. If poise that most songs from coke studio has but Osman Pir’s voice is so spectacular in this song sung by him.

DHOOP Video Song Review:

Sheriay’s voice makes these songs of deep emotions. Passionately and flattering themed. It’s a difficult song but it is attempted so beautifully that one could hear this song and may get emotionally passionately.

Ram Chahe Leela Video Song Review:

This laudable product, beauty of this song is the composition that makes the voice confidently and it’s a heavy background arrangement! The singer Bhomi Trivedi’s voice confident and hint of flavor rocks and works well Ehen laid against the background.

The garba song Nagada sang dhol was unveiled , music buffs especially lovers of folk music, have not stopped praising Bhansali’s efforts , claiming that if SLB has composed the folk based song just to beat Ismail Darbar Dholi taro dhol, he certainly succeeds in his mission; Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals shine through brilliantly.

Bhansali’s artistic is shown in his music. Neatness in his tunes and crateful sounds with visible conviction. The album is one of the best albums of this year and resounds with near perfect mystical rendition.

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