Amrinder Gill All Punjabi Albums Songs List, Amrinder Gill Latest MP3 Songs 2014

Amrinder Gill All Punjabi Albums Songs List, Amrinder Gill Latest MP3 Songs 2014

Amrinder Gill Punjabi Indian singer all Albums best Songs complete list with Amrinder Gill latest 2014 MP3 Audio and Mp4 Video Songs playlist free download also available here. Indian music industry has gone a long way in its triumph to take their music in the international scene, and saying that they have been quite successful in that wouldn’t be wrong at all, since they have very much proved it through producing quality music for music lovers all over the world. Their music industry has expanded a lot in the recent times and for that reason many new voices have entered in the music industry. Amrinder Gill is one of those prominent singers, who have emerged as the best of new talents around the corner in the music industry in India.

Talking about Amrinder Gill here…he is the recognized singer in Punjabi music from the past three years when he started off his career by releasing his singles. Amrinder was born and raised in the village Boorchand based at Amritsar in Punjab. He produces some really good music ranging from different tunes, where his style includes the folk-rooted and dance numbers, which are heavily famous amongst the youngsters of the town. In such a short span of just three years, he has successfully made millions of fans not just in India but all over the world, because of his catchy tunes in the Punjabi songs that he has sung by now.

Through his amazing music skills, that he has produced in his musical career by now…he has got world over recognition and fame and his music abilities have been polished a lot by now as well. He has been experimenting with different melodies to bring variation in his music scene to expand his horizons and audience. His songs are as famous in the villages as in the urban areas…without any boundaries and language understanding limitations, since the fans only enjoys the catchy music that he brings out with his songs. Therefore, we are listing down below the albums that he has made by now and the songs they encompass in them. The details are listed below for all of his fans to view;

  • Single Numbers:

1.    Pehlenachiye
2.    Nain chandre
3.    Kederaahe
4.    Khedan de din in year 2005
5.    Par langahdeh featuring simon in year 2008
6.    Tu hi tu featuring sukhsindershinda in the year 2009
7.    Ishq ho gay in 2009
8.    Dilmileya de mele in year 2009

  • ApniJaanKe (2000):

1.    Face the challenge
2.    Asihunkikariye
3.    Apnijaanke
4.    Sanuishq ho gaya
5.    Nachda e jag sara
6.    Channtechanani
7.    Terevarga
8.    Ki chahundi e
9.    Pyarnishani

  • Chan da Tukda (2001):

1.    Billouriakhwaliye
2.    Shone shonemukhre
3.    Kamliyekurhie
4.    Haayemeradil
5.    Madhania
6.    Hassdisohniye
7.    Ki kariye
8.    Jhanjar
9.    Chan da tukda
10.    Boliyan

  • Paigaam (2003):

1.    Lakkgarvevarga
2.    Aglimulakaa
3.    Din baharan de
4.    Uddedoria
5.    Peetikhadhi
6.    Mundareshmirumaal
7.    Murabbiyanwali
8.    Boliyan
9.    Naina di takni
10.    Paigaam

  • Dildaarian (2005):

1.    Dildaarian
2.    Daru
3.    Sohnikuri
4.    Pardes
5.    Manke
6.    Hanju
7.    Lak
8.    Punjabi munde

  • Ishq (2007)

1.    Neend
2.    Gera
3.    Daari
4.    Baddal
5.    Dil
6.    Afwah
7.    Raatan
8.    Jogi
9.    Neend (remixed version)
10.    Sardari

  • Dooriyaan (2009):

1.    Terebina oh yaara
2.    Maar sutya
3.    Dooriyan
4.    Dabbi
5.    Sahan ton nere
6.    Pun khatlai
7.    Merakihaal
8.    Terekarkekuwari
9.    Dilbara

  • IkKudi Punjab di (2010):

1.    Sochanvich
2.    Ikkudi Punjab di featuring sukhshindershinda
3.    Pyarlaike
4.    Salaaman
5.    Terameranaa featuring Pamela jain
6.    Dhintakdhin featuring labhjanjua along with ranaranbir, Arvindersingh and Bobby Sandhu
7.    Gal teri
8.    Sochvich (remixed version)

  • Judaa (2011):

1.    Yaarian
2.    TuJudda
3.    Tereutte
4.    Ki sumj
5.    Mirza
6.    Najra
7.    Mitra
8.    Tereraa
9.    Ki sumj (the unplugged version)
10.    Ki sumj (remixed version)

His songs are all up with such catchy tunes, which keep you humming his songs for hour’s right after you’ve listened to them even for once. His songs are played in different places especially for the dancing shows and at different parties because of the hip-hop genre that he uses in his songs. Not just that, but all the videos that he has made of his songs have made him get the fame and made him reach all the heights of recognition at a very faster pace. This has also made him make his space in the music industry quickly than any other singer in the industry and for that reason he is going to stay here for long, if he’ll continue to keep producing some extra-ordinary and mesmerizing songs.

Apart from hip-hop soundtracks, he has given his fans a wide range of romantic and slow Punjabi numbers as well along with some really good emotional songs. However, he got his breakthrough fame from his song “paigam”, and later that fame stayed there because of his consistent releases including daru, madhaania, khedan de din with Sunidhi Chauhan,  and his song mail kara de and not to forget “Dildarian” too. He has tied up his music skills by making combine efforts with “The Music man”, which is turning out to be an amazing combination.

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