Gippy Grewal All Punjabi Songs Collection with Gippy Grewal Latest 2014 Songs Playlist

Gippy Grewal is a famous Indian Singer and an actor as well, who was born on 2nd of January, 1983 in the village Ludhiana. He is basically famous for his Punjabi numbers, which he has sung beautifully. He was always fond of music, but never carried it out professionally until there came a time when his song “Phulkari” break the records of many Punjabi songs of that time and then he started off his career professionally and produced many melodious numbers later in his musical career.

Along with his singing career; Gippy Grewal has ventured in the acting side as well to test his acting skills and has been quite successful on the silver screen as well. His fans have liked his both angles and want to see more of him in both ends. However, talking about his musical career; he started it off by releasing his debut album by the name of Chakkh Lai, which turned out to be a super hit album and have break the records of all Punjabi songs. With the release of this album, Gippy Grewal instantly became the new sensation of the Punjabi music industry and started gaining instant fan following and recognition, not only in the Punjab areas but spread over areas as well. This album of his became the highest selling Punjabi albums of all the times. Later in his career; he released more albums including “Nasha”, “Phulkari”, “Phulkari 2 Just Hits” and “Gangster”.

Gippy Grewal All Punjabi Songs Collection with Gippy Grewal Latest 2014 Songs Playlist

Gippy Grewal Punjabi Songs

He has given his voice as a background scorer for the Bollywood movie as well and in lieu of that he did a song in collaboration with Honey Singh in year 2012, for the very hit and successful movie on the blockbuster office; “Cocktail”. The song was none other than “Angreji beat te”. It was basically his personal song recorded for his album International Villager, which was then taken for the movie Cocktail. In year 2012, his song “Hello hello” became another hit in the Punjabi music industry, which was basically shot in Las Vegas, in USA.

Talking about the music albums and the beautiful singles that he has produced in his musical career; we have compiled a list of his songs, which are listed below for all of his fans to view and listen to. The list includes the following numbers;

Gippy Grewal All Punjabi Songs Collection:

1.    Angreji beat
2.    Channa
3.    Balle balle from the album My time to shine in year 2008
4.    Phulkari from the album Mele Mittan de in year 2004
5.    Nachna album Mele Mittran de
6.    Rakh Honsla from the album My time to shine in year 2008
7.    Jatt phulkari 2 in 2005
8.    Ishq mele mittran de 2004
9.    Akh mele mittran de 2004
10.    Billi billi akkh waliye
11.    Mere yaar ne akh larh gayi in year 2006
12.    Taveetan akh larh gayi in2006
13.    Yaar mera menu zeher deve featuring Ms. Scandalous my time to shine in 2008
14.    Akh larh gayi akh larh gayi in 2006
15.    Bina galoo kise naal
16.    Manja phulkari 2 in year 2005
17.    Sher ban ke
18.    Vairne akh larh gai in year 2006
19.    Sir dukhda akh larh gai in year 2006
20.    Boliyan mele mittran de in 2004
21.    Munde jattan de
22.    Give me way mele mittran de in 2004
23.    Vakhra nazaara my time to shine in 2008
24.    My tgime to shine featuring HMC my time to shine in 2008
25.    Doli my time to sihne in 2008
26.    Desi boliyan mele mittran de in 2004
27.    Ishq bolda phulkari 2 in year 2005
28.    Suie chubdi my time to shine in 2008
29.    Till banke akh larh gai in 2006
30.    Tadi vaie akh larh gai in year 2006
31.    Gidhe vich phulkari 2 in year 2005
32.    Morni phulkari 2 in year 2005

All of his songs have been quite a hit on the musical charts and are still hummed by his fans all over the world. Not only that; but he has been contacted for giving his singles to the movies; since they are very catchy in composition, lyrics and the tone as well. His beautiful voices gives a special feel to every song that he sings and for that he has been much recognized all over the world. Through his songs; he has successfully delivered his message for love and hope to the world out there and has gathered love from his fans of all age groups.His songs are not only available on CDs but are heavily downloaded over the net and are daily surfed on the youtube too. He has gained popularity in this industry and made a space for himself through his unique style in singing, which actually differentiates him from the lot around him and in near future; we are surely going to listen some more experimented versions of his songs in collaboration with other prominent singers of the industry. So listen out!

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