Jackie Evancho Singer Biography, Jackie Evancho Music Albums All Songs Playlist

Jackie Evancho is an upcoming star in the musical industry emerging from the state of America. She was born as the Jacqueline Marie also known as Jackie Evancho on the 9th of April, in year 2000. She is basically an American classical crossover singer, who is though very young by age but quite matures in her singing and gained much recognition day by day through her melodious numbers.

She has in such a short span of time, won hearts of millions of her fans world over. She has started off her singing career at the age of 9, in year 2009 and so far she has issued her five albums in total, inclusive of a platinum and a gold album with three billboard 200 top 10 debut numbers as well, which has topped the charts many a times.

Jackie Evancho Singer Biography, Jackie Evancho Music Albums All Songs Playlist Jackie Evancho Singer Biography, Jackie Evancho Music Albums All Songs Playlist

She jumped in the singing field by entering and participating in different singing talent competitions. Along with that, she has made some prominent appearance inclusive of Pennsylvania, where she sang the US National anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, which was then later entered in to the independent album named as Prelude to a Dream. This was launched on the youtube initially and from there it reached millions views and likes and got much fame than expected. Through her amazing singing, she has impressed the famous composers Tim Janis and David Foster through her concerts, which was held in year 2009. Later, in year 2010, she appeared once again in the famous talent show “America’s Got Talent”, where she scored the second position.

She continued releasing her songs and through that she became the best selling debut artist of year 2010, gaining the world wide recognition as the youngest top 10 debut singer in US history ever and also becoming the solo artist hitting the platinum phase in the history. She was applause by US President Barack Obama as well, when she performed in from of her in the national Christmas tree lightning in Washington DC in June, 2011. She has then released many of her solo numbers, which were very famous not only among the youngsters lot but also in the mid-aged and old-aged community as well. Evancho has become the ambassador for Mission Humane for the US Humane Society program, which is basically working for the protection of the animals.

For all of her fans, she has done much more than that and it’s so amazing to see how in such a young age, she has gained so much of fame and respect all over the world. We’ve compiled a list of the songs, which Jackie Evancho has released so far in her career. The list includes the following songs;

Jackie Evancho Music Albums All Songs Playlist

  1. Silent night
  2. Panis angelicus
  3. holy night
  4. Pie Jesu
  5. Panis Angelicus (youtube audition)
  6. Gianni schicchi: o mio babbino caro (from the show “America’s Got Talent”)
  7. Time to say goodbye (from the show “America’s Got Talent”)
  8. Pie Jesu (from the show “America’s Got Talent”)
  9. Ave Maria (from the show “America’s Got Talent”)
  10. Bonus Material
  11. When you wish upon a star
  12. Nella Fantasia
  13. Mio Babbino caro
  14. To believe
  15. Imaginer
  16. Lovers
  17. Dark Waltz
  18. Angel
  19. Somewhere
  20. Mi Macheral
  21. Ombra mai fu
  22. All I ask of you
  23. The Lord’s Prayer
  24. Dream with me
  25. Nessun Dorma
  26. Pure imagination (form willy wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  27. The music of the night (from the Phantom of the Opera)
  28. Can you feel the love tonight (from the Lion King)
  29. Reflection (from Mulan)
  30. The Summer knows (from the Summer of ’42)
  31. I see the light (from tangled)
  32. What a wonderful world (from good morning, Vietnam)
  33. Se (from Cinema Paradiso)
  34. My heart will go on (from Titanic)
  35. Come what may (from Moulin Rouge)
  36. Some enchanted evening (from South pacific)
  37. When I fall in love (from sleepless in Seattle)

All of these songs were released on all the media channels and on YouTube as well, where it gained much popularity. For all of her beautiful and soothing melodies, she has been bestowed by many national and international awards, which is a great thing to have at such a young age. However, she is not done as yet. On the basis of her songs and fame that she has gained, she did world tour and has gone to many places to reach out to her fans through performing in the concerts. Her live performances have turned out to be as successful as her recorded solo singles are in her DVD’s. All the young lot has been looking up to her and is amazed to hear her blissful and mesmerizing voice and have become her die-hard fans. So for all of you out there…turn on your music systems, and do listen to her songs to be heart touched!

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