Katy Perry Music Albums All Songs List, Katy Perry Latest 2014 Music Songs Playlist

An amazing and melodious voice coming out from the state of America is none other than Katy Perry. She was born as Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson on the 25th of October in 1984….but she is more none out in the world by her stage name as Katy Perry. She is basically an American singer, and pursuing her career as a businesswoman, philanthropist and an actress as well. She has ventured in so many areas of media and has been quite successful in all of those as well. She was raised up in Santa Barbara, based in California.

She started off her career in quite a young age and explored the arena of gospel music in her teenage time and then released her first album as “Katy Hudson” in year 2001. After that, she collaborated with many singers, prominent of which was “The Matrix” and “Glen Ballard” and produced an album with them as well. All of her songs have been rated quite well on the songs chart worldwide. Along with that, taking her career ahead, she has signed an agreement with Capitol Records and released her song “I kissed a girl”,

Katy Perry Music Albums All Songs List, Katy Perry Latest 2014 Music Songs Playlist Katy Perry Music Albums All Songs List, Katy Perry Latest 2014 Music Songs Playlist

Later to which, she released her second album by the name of “One of the Boys” in year 2008. The album featured pop and rock genre and hit the music world with great blast. Everybody loved her songs in the album and it earned quite a lot of revenue as well. She has done many live stage performances as well and did world tour concerts, where she has successfully performed and mesmerized her audience with her melodious voice and songs.

For her outstanding contribution in the music industry, she has received many awards and recognitions as well, inclusive of which are 11 Grammy nominations, and billboard dubbed as 2012’s women of the year. She has stayed as the only artist in the entire music industry to spend 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten lists of the Hot 100 women. She has been known as the third best selling digital singles artist in US according to the research study carried out by RIAA.

Along with her musical career, she has appeared in the acting and modeling fields as well. Katy Perry has done the celebrity endorsement for many prominent brands out there and has released her fragrances as well by the titles of Purr, Meow and Killer Queen. She has ventured in the film industry and did her first role as voicing the Smurfette character for the movie “The Smurfs”. Later, she has appeared in the documentary film of “Katy Perry: Part of Me”, which revolved around the true life story of Katy herself. She has by far released her four albums, and some other songs in collaboration with other singers and artists.

For all of her fans, we have compiled a list of her complete songs, which Katy Perry has sung by far in her career. All of these songs have been quite mesmerizing and although some of them being a bit old, they are still hummed in the fans of Katy Perry. The list includes the following songs;

1.    Birthday
2.    By the Grace of God
3.    California Gurls
4.    Circle the Drain
5.    Dark horse
6.    Double rainbow
7.    Dressing up
8.    E.T.
9.    Fingerprints
10.    Firework
11.    Ghost
12.    Hot and cold
13.    Humming bird heart beat
14.    I kissed a girl
15.    I’m still breathing
16.    International smile
17.    It takes two
18.    Last Friday night
19.    Legendary lovers
20.    Love me
21.    Mannequin
22.    Not like the movie
23.    One of the boys
24.    Part of me
25.    Peacock
26.    Pearl
27.    Roar
28.    Spiritual
29.    Teenage dream
30.    The one that got away
31.    Thinking of you
32.    This is how we do
33.    This moment
34.    Unconditionally
35.    Ur so gay
36.    Waking up in Vegas
37.    Walking on air
38.    Who am I living for?
39.    Wide awake

She has sung all of the above songs beautifully and has topped the charts in their respective times. She has written most of these songs herself and has been a tremendous hit as well. But this is certainly not all…we’re surely going to listen more from her side in the near future; since she is planning for lot more, not only on the solo songs but also in collaboration with some other artists as well. She has received much critical applause as well from the critics’ world over and has won the hearts of millions of her fans out there through her amazing voice. Along with that, she has signed some of the movies as well in the Hollywood mainstream industry and her fans will surely get to see her in the unique and distinctive roles on the big screen. So, just keep your fingers crossed and wait what she has in-stored for you in the times coming soon!

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