Sherdil Shaheen Full Song Mp3,Mp4 Download by Rahat Fate Ali Khan

Sherdil shaheen is new song for Pakistan Air Force in Which Imran Abbas appear as Pilot. New Song for Pakistan Army Sherdil Shaheen full download mp3,mp4 online, Sherdil shaheen 6th September song for Pakistan Army,

September 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the 17 day war fought between India and Pakistan in 1965. Many new motivational songs are being released to celebrate this occasion. Imran Abbas is also working in a video titled Sherdil Shaheen (شیردل شاہین). The song will be released on the 7th September which is the Air Force day in Pakistan.

sherdil shaheen full song by Rahat Fate Ali Khansherdil shaheen full song download mp3 mp4 online national song by Rahat Fate Ali Khan and Imran Abbas

Sherdil Shaheen full  song for Pakistan Air Force,Sherdil Shaheen download mp3,mp4 free download,Rahat Fate Ali Khan Sung Sherdil Shaheen and music by Sahir Ali Bagga. Imran Abbas Appear in New Song Sherdil Shaheen Pakistani by Rahat FAte Ali Khan,Watch HD Video Song Sherdil Shaheen new song for PAK Army

Sherdil Shaheen Full Song HD Video for PAK Air Force

Sherdil Shaheen Full Song HD Video By Rahat Fate Ali Khan | PAF Song


  1. Muhammad Kamran Ali says:

    Very nice and heart teaching song…..

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