Tum Naraz Ho – Sajjad Ali (Coke Studio Season 7 Episode 1 – Audio/Video/Lyrics)

Tum Naraz Ho - Sajjad Ali (Coke Studio Season 7 Episode 1 - Audio/Video/Lyrics)

Sajjad Ali new and most awaited song which he sing in the Coke studio Season 7 Episode 1. This song is now available here to watch online and download free mp4 and 3GP and 720 for HD video user. Here this song is most personal and most important for the Sajjad Ali because he returns after love letter. This song lyrics and the whole song music composition remind the lovely movement of the love days. The imagination of this song is to house band vocal that the performance of this band is very excellent and support to every singer to sing in natural style. Here in Coke Studio most of the Pakistani singer are sings their song with great zeal and found.  This song effect on the audience best, comfortable and beautiful to listen and watched. Here all the section provide a great co-opration to the Sajjad Ali to sing  the Tum Naraz Ho song. The guest musicians Faraz Anwar are playing the lead Guitar to the Sajjad Ali flute. Here to in the Coke Studio the many Pakistani Popular and well known signers are participating this event and get the great honor among the Pakistani nation. This musical show is broadcasting by the many TV and any website but our website 1st of all provide to you live song listen and watching facilitly.

Artist: Sajjad Ali

Song: Tum Naaraaz Ho

Language: Urdu

Aahad Nayani

  • Babar Ali Khanna
  • Imran Akhoond
  • Jaffer Ali Zaidi
  • Khalid Khan
  • Sikandar Mufti
    Ghulam Abbas
  • Javed Iqbal
  • Kaleem Khan
  • Saleem Khan
  • Umar Daraz

Faraz Anwar | Lead Guitar
Sajid Ali | Flute

Momin Durrani
Rachel Viccaji
Sara Haider

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Tum Naraz Ho – Sajjad Ali Song:

Tum Naraz Ho – Sajjad Ali Song 
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