Surat Ash-Shuara ( سورة الشعراء‎) with English Translation by Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed Mp3 & Mp4 download

Surah Ash-Shu'ara pictures and images

Surah Ash-Shu’ara pictures and images

Surat Ash-Shuara ( سورة الشعراء‎) is the 26th Surah of the Quran with 227 ayat .A lot of of these verses are very short.The name shuara means “poets”. Here You can also download and watch Surat Ash-Shuara Free Download PDF, Jpeg, MP3 with Urdu Translation. You can Listen Online Mp3 audio and also recite in Arabic.It discussion concerning different prophets and their tribe.and  Also how the disbeliever were damaged after threatening prophets with decease. It also talks about the sympathy of Allah (God).Surat Ash-Shuara full Song download audio.Listen Surat and download online MP3 audio & Recite Surat Ash-Shuara with Urdu Translation.Surat Ash-Shuara mp3 in 128-190-320Kbps (VBR) high quality formats.


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