Phata Poster Nikla Hero Movie Official Trailer Video Free Download

Phata Poster Nikla Hero is an upcoming Indian comedy movie; whose trailers are out on all television channels. The trailers have depicted the movie in entirely a typical Indian style, which starts with the heroic entry of Shahid Kapoor as a cop and utters his dialogues in the typical Bollywood style.

The trailers show a black blank screen with a voice coming from the background…asking who is this new cop and then here he comes…with chumy dialogues, along with special effects to create a dramatic entry of the hero with foot stomping the earth and fallen off the leaves, whereas the commissioner from the other end comes up praising the cop training who is making a new era by doing wonders around town.

Phata Poster Nikla Hero Movie Official Trailer

Phata Poster Nikla Hero Movie Official Trailer:

He is none other than the hero of the movie Shahid Kapoor as Vishwas Rao. Coming all dressed up in the khaki color police uniform and badges up on the cap..he’s all ready to entertain the audience through his dazzling performance, where at times he’s making stupid funny faces in the comedy scene, and side by side doing some action packed stuff with a combo of romancing out with seductive Ileana D’cruz. The movie is going to be a good entertainer sure shortly…so we recommend you this to watch out!

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