Mahi Aaja Unplugged (Arijit Sing) Full Song Mp3/Mp4 Download Singh is Bling

Mahi Aaja Full song by Arijit singh in singh is Bling Hindi Movie by Akshay Kumar,Mahi Aaja unplugged full song download mp3,mp4 audio and video in all formats. Arijit singh full songs download in mp3,single track song aaja mahi aaja full by arijit singh.
Song Name: Mahi Aaja Unplugged
Singers: Arijit Singh
Movie/Album: Singh Is Bliing

Watch Aaja Mahi Aaja Unplugged by Arijit Singh Full Song Hd Video

Ho aaja mahi, aaja mahi aa soneya ve
Aake aaj mera gal lag jaa tu

Aaja mahi, aaja mahi, aa soneya
Aake aaja gal lag jaa tu

Tu hi jind meri, tu hi meri taqdeer ve
Ban geya Ranjha aur tu hi meri Heer ve
Kaise bataaun tujhe, kitna hai pyar ve
Rab dikhta hai tujhme o mere yaar ve, haye..

Aaja mahi, aaja mahi aa soneya ve
Aake.. ho aaja gal lag jaa..
Aaja mahi, aaja mahi aa soneya
Aake aaja gal lag jaa tu…

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