The Terrorists of APS attacks are Hanged up by the military courts

Four terrorists involved in APS attack hanged,Terrorism has become one of the most horrible challenges which are being faced by the innocent public of Pakistan. The government as well as the military forces of Pakistan are trying to eradicate this dreadful hazard from the country. The military forces are doing strict operations against the terrorists throughout the country.

One of the heartbreaking incidents happened in the army public school in Peshawar. The mishap happened around one year ago. The coward terrorists attacked the cute flowers of the nation. They killed many students as well as their teachers in the school. That incident was the most horrifying mishap in the history of Pakistan. A terrorists’ organization accepted the responsibility of the attack.

The Terrorists of APS attacks are Hanged up by the Military courts

The military forces decided to do operation against those terrorists and the forces succeeded to arrest the involved terrorists. The case was filed in the military courts of Pakistan Army. The worthy chief of army staff General Rahil Sharif signed the death warrants of all the four terrorists on November 39, 2015. According to the media reports, all the arrested terrorists are given the punishment of death in Kohat. They are killed today after the prayer of Fajr.

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