MS Dhoni Offers to Quit Captaincy after Losing ODI Series vs Bangladesh

MS Dhoni Offers to Quit Captaincy Following Historic ODI Series Loss vs Bangladesh. MS Dhoni saying after losing odi series against Bangladesh he is ready to quit captaincy.  MS Dhoni is very good captain he make Indian team world’s best cricket team. Indian team win t20, ODI world cup and champions trophy under the MS Dhoni captaincy.

ms dhoni Indian team captain ready to quit  from captaincy after losing series against bangladesh

ms dhoni Indian team captain ready to quit from captaincy after losing series against bangladesh

His Bating average in T20 and ODI in odi matches very good his odi bating avg is 52 and t20 avg is 33 that is very good. After losing series against Bangladesh many questions arise on media against MS Dhoni’s Captaincy. Some old cricketers says that now the time MS Dhoni leave the captaincy and play a as a player in team. MS Dhoni should quit his captaincy and  give to young players so that a new captain ready for Indian team for future because new captain can learn from MS Dhoni many things that would be very helpful for Indian Cricket team.

MS Dhoni say’s he is ready for playing as a player in Team i have not any problem because management give me responsibility of Indian team and they can back captaincy any time form me.

MS Dhoni’s word!

“I am really enjoying my cricket,” Dhoni said after his side’s six-wicket loss at Mirpur on Sunday. “I know this question was coming. I know the media really loves me.

“Yes, if it is a justifiable thing that if you remove me and the Indian cricket will start doing really well, and if I am the reason for all the bad that is happening to Indian cricket, definitely I would love to step away and play as a player.

“Ultimately you want India to win. It doesn’t matter who is the captain.

“I was never really in line to become a captain. It was a job or responsibility for me. I have taken that responsibility. If they want to take it away, I am happy to give it away.”

“What is more important is to play for the country and contribute to the team and try to keep the dressing room atmosphere good,” said Dhoni, who promoted himself to number four in the batting order on Sunday and made a labored 47 runs on very hard time.

“So that whenever youngsters are coming in, they can come and perform. That will be the ultimate achievement for me.

“Indian cricket had been used to players coming in toned, ready for international cricket. Now it has changed. You have to grind it through. You can’t win every series you play.”

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