Top 10 Career Discussion Topics

Top 10 Career Discussion Topics: Career development is not an easy thing. It is the lifelong planning that is why you need to choose your path vary carefully. The time you are deciding what career you should choose is critical, when
you are also getting so many advices from the people around. Here are some important topics of discussion that will come in your path again and again in your practical life. Once you have gone through them and prepared for what is forthcoming in your life you can be a successful person.

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Top 10 Career Discussion Topics

1. What is your Gender?

Gender matters when you are looking for job as there are some specific careers considered for women and some are specific for men. You can find jobs for male and  female in both private and government sector. Especially for PPSC jobs you can see the quotas and seats mentioned for male and
females. Such as a secretary job is offered to a female candidate while men can get a hard job. Your gender also defines your career.

2. What Skills and Abilities you Have?

Everyone giving career tips will definitely ask you to consider your capabilities and what are you up to. It really matters that what skills you possess. You can be a good project manager if you can handle the crew and do multitasking. If you have good communication skills you can be a customer dealing officer and hence your expertise define the career for you.

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3. What are the Jobs for Future?

If a career has no future or chances for growth how can you stay there for longer? A content writer cannot develop the career other than being a content writer while teaching makes you learn new things daily and you can be a scholar in future. The scope of the career should be reviewed. For example NTS Jobs will hire you in government organisation that will offer promotion after a due

4. Is this Career you Dream?

Your dreams are important. If you are not following them you have to make a lot of compromises.
You should struggle to get the job of your dream career that you can enjoy. You will be much
contended in your life with you dream career rather than thinking that you could be a good cook or

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5. How strong is your Social Network?

The networking and relationships are important in your life. They can help you in finding the right
career for you and also support you. The motivation and encouragement comes from them. A goo
circle will keep your spirits high while the negative ones will criticise you to help you build a better
person. It is good to have a beneficial network in your life. Friendships and network is essential for
every part of social and professional life.

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6. Are you willing for Informational Interviewing?

It is a great way to learn new things while meeting new people. You can acquire a lot by talking to the
professionals and having informal interviews with them. If you want to know about any profession
you can ask the people serving there.

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7. What Degree you have and in which Subject?

You expertise depend on what education you achieved. The degree you hold defines where you
should look job. If you are seeking for teaching job, a relevant degree is a must. You achievements as
student in university can help you out in your career.

8. What is your Demand for Salary?

You may have to pay your bills, your dues to continue your study or support a family. Some people
are highly encouraged to get a highly paid job only while other are happy to have a good amount for
their living. Your career depends on what you expect from your professional life. Your lifestyle and
passions can be important for you or your needs.

9. What are your personal interests?

Some people put family at first, some love travelling, and some are workaholic. You may be seeking
for a job to collect money and start your own business. Your interests can define what should you do
immediately for job.

10. Do you need a Career change?

If you are not happy with your current job you may feel to switch your career. Remember life does
not end if you are not going well with some career. Your goals can change or you may feel that you
are not fit here so can go for the career change option.

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