Top 10 Most Popular Soccer (Football) Players in the World

The game of soccer has been widely played game in the world. This game in particular, has achieved many records in Olympics and sports leagues. Soccer; since its inception has produced some real quality players, which have immense playing skills and strong analytical skills when it comes to playing.

In the above context, listed down are some of the top 10 players from world over, with their comprehensive details.

1. Ronaldo:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Ronaldo is the super soccer player fastest than any other player in the league. He’s a versatile player with all the strength and abilities that it takes for one to become the top most player of the world. He’s a one man team and is a real threat to his opponents, and deploying his best skills; he became the top scorer in La Liga tournament and is listed among the hard time players by FIFA.

2. Lionel Messi:

Lionel Messi

He’s another superb player, produced in the game of soccer. He’s the best one among all when it comes to the league of CR7, and has achieved many milestones in his career. It’s almost impossible to take away the ball from him, when he’s in charge.

3. Neymar:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Coming from Brazil this player, Neymar has some excellent soccer skills, which has empowered him to make his team won many prominent titles all around the world. His untiring efforts has taken him to reach all the heights of fame in the soccer world; where one can only dream of. Therefore; his name is on 3rd number, in the list standing with all the grace.

4. Wayne Rooney:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Brilliant part of Manchester United team, Wayne Rooney is an amazing player in the world of soccer. He has performed outstanding game, and is presently in very well form to perform and keeps on hitting good scoring numbers. He can go up to scoring quite well in the game, with his strong and skillful charismatic personality.

5. Robin Van Persie:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

He is one of the best strikers in the soccer world, and belongs to Arsenal. Instead of his maturing age and having 2 kids, he still have strong capabilities and strength to take on up to his opponents with all the throttle and holding on to the ball. He is listed as the 3rd greatest player in the history of soccer world. Though this big guy has experience quite many injuries in his playing career; but he didn’t left out, instead got up with all the zeal and conquered many tournaments.

6. Andres Iniesta:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

He has all the gaming abilities to stand with the courage and pride in the list of top 10 soccer players of the world. He’s ranked as the 3rd best player of his team. He has the analytical skills, with quick mind assessments of the game, and excellent scoring abilities has made him the hero of many fans.

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a strong and a technical player with sure shot courage of making the power shoots on the court. He is basically a Swedish player, who has won his name through his excellent untiring games of his career.

8. Xavi Hernandez:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Xavi possesses great talent of soccer playing, and certainly due to which he’s ranked in the top 10 list category. His name is taken as one of the finest players of the time.

9. Mesut Ozil:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

Mesut Ozil is another amazing player belonging to the soccer world. He has the highest assist in La Liga tournament for 2011 and year 2012. You cannot ignore watching him playing, since when he’s in the ground…he tackles all his gribbling abilities to keep the ball contend to him, who certainly causes a great threat to his opponents and due to these capabilities he has also been nominated for Ballon d’or as well. This great player belongs to German national team, and a true heart piece of Real Madrid team.

10. Fernando Torres:

Top 10 Greatest Soccer (Football) Players in the World

As they say for men…he’s a handsome hunk with brains! He’s among the best players soccer has ever produced in its history. He knows his game well and takes every step deploying his mental capabilities on the ground.

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