10 Best Websites to Search for Jobs In India 2013

Top 10 India's Best Websites to Search for Jobs 2013

Ever since the world has become smaller with globalization concept; things have become much easier as compared to that of the former times. Internet technology has eased hard tasks in number of easy steps and one can get in lesser time than ever before. Not only that, but it has opened up many new opportunities to explore for young generation and provided them platform to get started with.

Listed down here are some of the famous and most widely used job search engines in India with their comprehensive detailing;

1.    www.naukri.com
Naukri.com is the number one job search engine in India. This platform was launched by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in 1997. For all those who are looking out for perfect jobs for them according to their profession, they can easily find themselves jobs here by registering for free. The website then it turns keeps on noticing the registered users about any new openings related to their profession. This website has almost 200,000 job opportunities available.

2.    www.monsterIndia.com
MonsterIndia.com was launched in year 1999 to cater to the needs of jobless people and providing people with a reliable platform to search jobs from. They have a slogan saying “Your calling is calling”. One needs to get registered to the websites to receive new job notifications.

3.    www.timesjobs.com
Timesjobs was launched in 2004 by Times group of companies, having a slogan of “Because you are worth more”. It enables it users to interact with employers through IM applications and other social networks, and keeps you updated with latest job related news.

4.    www.jobsahead.com
This is another popular website for job search. Jobsahead.com has nearly 3 million jobseekers, 83 million page views, 6,000 corporate clients and 150,000 job postings. This website has jobs related to almost every category.

5.    www.shine.com
This website was launched in 2008, and they came with a tag line of “better career for better people”. This was developed by HT Media and Red match, which is an Israel based company. They provide various job opportunities to the potential candidates, according to their qualification and experiences.

6.    www.clickjobs.com
Clickjobs.com is another interesting website for job seekers. Potential candidates can build up their resumes on this website with their details, and can also calculate their pay scales as well.

7.    www.careerage.com
This website was launched in 1999. They declare to be the “India’s complete Job and Career companion”, who is engaged in the business of providing career counseling to users. Registered users can upload their resumes of this website and can look up for the perfect opportunity matching to their needs and qualification.

8.    www.freshersworld.com
Fresherworld is another interesting website, which came out in year 2006, with a declaration “to facilitate fresh graduates find their first dream job!” this job enables its users to enter into discussion forums and participate in them, and get to know about new placements and job openings.

9.    www.jobstreet.com
Jobstreet.com was launched in year 1997, with a slogan of “real companies, real jobs”. Jobseekers can get themselves registered on this website and enjoy new opening notifications.

10.    www.indeed.co.in
This job search website was developed and launched in 2004 to cater to the needs of unemployed professional around. On this website, you can register yourself, post up your resumes and find the perfect job for yourself in no time.

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