Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013-14

Music industry in world over is constantly reviving and expanding with many new singers coming in the field. They and venturing in this industry with their different experimentations and some has brought up genuine beauty tones and melodies in the music arena. Many new comer singers have earned over night fame through their hit songs, while some doesn’t get that much of fame or success in short period, as to their luck.

Every year, we’re seeing multiple new sensational voices coming in and soothing our senses with their heart touching and catching songs. Top 10 of these for the year 2013 are listed below;

1.    Bruno Mars:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Peter Gene Harnandez, popularly known as Bruno Mars is listed as the number one singer in our list of top singers, due to his multi-platinum wining albums. He has produced some real amazing numbers in his albums, specially talking about the two songs, which got the height of all the hypes are “Just the way you are” and “Grenade”. These two singles have become the two most selling numbers out in the market for year 2013. To his credits are numbers of awards including Grammy, American Music, Billboard Music and BRIT awards.

2.    Usher:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Being personal big fan of Usher, I’d love to list him in this category. He has a unique voice quality with top musical numbers, through which he has gained much popularity in much shorter time. He has also produced some amazing songs, three of which were widely liked by all; one “Confessions”, “Here I stand” and last “Raymond vs. Raymond”. For his efforts in music industry and giving such great output in terms of quality songs, he has won by now 8 Grammy awards, 20 Billboard music awards and 8 American Music awards as compared to the rest competitor singers in line.

3.    Drake:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Aubrey Drake Graham, commonly known in the industry as Drake, is basically a Canadian rapper, who has launched his two albums, which attained consecutive platinum for both the albums. His one of the top charts numbers, “find your love” got all the fame it deserved in less time. Drake has earned a great fan following all over the world, and has received a Grammy award, 3 Juno awards and three BET awards.

4.    Adam Levine:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

One handsome hunk…the man is not just famous for his amazing musical qualities but for his good looks too. He’s a one heart throb for all girls out there. He is basically the lead vocalist for the famous band of “Maroon 5”, who has released 5 albums by now…out of which 4 have been ranked as the certified platinum ones. He has earned 3 Grammy awards, 2 Billboard music and 2 American music awards with huge fan following.

5.    Taio Cruz:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

This black strong guy has super voice quality, which can captivate anyone’s music sense and keep them rhyming to his songs for long. His most famous song “Dynamite” has unbelievable received 6 platinum by RIAA. He has won 1 Grammy and 3 Billboard music awards for his great contribution to the American music industry.

6.    Chris Brown:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Another American singer, Chris Brown is another amazing singer, who has produced amazing singles in his career. Talking about his fourth album named “F.A.M.E” has resulted in earning him his first Grammy award, whereas his song “Kiss Kiss” has hit double platinum by RIAA.

7.    Jason Derulo:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Jason Derulo is an American singer, along with having the skills of song writing, which gives him an additive advantage over many other singers around. Jason has earned much fan following through his amazingly written songs, specially the song “Watcha say” won 5 million of digital downloads, which eventually turned out to achieve 4 A platinum certificates by RIAA.

8.    Pitbull:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

Armando Perez is known by Pitbull in music world, and is an American super rapper. His famous song “give me everything” scored in the list of 100 top songs of Billboard. Because of his enchanting voice; he has successfully gained quite a lot of fan following not just in America, but in other countries too including France, Australia and Spain.

9.    David Guetta:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013

David Guetta is a wonderful singer from France. In his career, he has produced some real melo-dramatic numbers, but one song of his “when love takes over” reaches to all the heights of fame. Later of his singles including “getting over you” and “sexy bitch” scored number one position in UK and Switzerland.

10.    Justin Bieber:

Top 10 Most Popular Best Male Singers of 2013
New kid in the town….Justin Bieber is an upcoming musical sensation who comes from a background of Canada. His songs have topped the US charts, specially his song “Baby” right after its release, was on the humming head of almost everyone around the world, and due to this overnight success of this song, it was stated as one of the most gigantic x12 platinum song by RIAA certification.


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    Justin Bieber is the best singer in all around the world.I love you soooooo much.

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    best singer eminem

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  9. marshall says:

    You should do some research for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 by Eminem..eminem has 13 grammy + oscar once..frequently won american music awards..Gunnies world record for rap god..

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