New Clear Video of Crane Incident in Mecca (Makka) Exclusive Videos

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MAKKAH – An employee Haram Naqoor Abdel Aziz said she saw a crane fall after a big storm coming. “If not for Tawaf, injuries and deaths will be more,” said Aziz Naqoor, quoted by the Guardian, Saturday (12/9).

He said that because look at how the situation is very closed and all the dense surround the Kaaba. While the number of casualties as a result of the peritiwa, it is no longer a strange thing.

Weather extremes, such as heavy rain, lightning and strong winds authorities declared Saudi Arabia is the initial cause of the collapse. While in the Haram itself has two-year-old was in a period of expansion of the mosque.
Construction work led oKontruksi giant Saudi Binladin Group, but still not received confirmation whether the crane that struck the congregation that belongs to them.

In modern times, Makkah became a sole gathered hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. So when suddenly came a disaster, natural that claimed many victims at once.

While the chronology of events, when it was night Makkah. A kontruksui crane fell on the pilgrims and the mosque building. The latest data show as many as 107 people were killed and 201 wounded.

Until now, the Saudi government has continued to conduct evacuation and ensure the identity of the victims who died and those who were injured. Unknown, nine of Indians teramsuk the pilgrims who were injured.

The condition of the mosque itself is rumored as shown there is a huge crater in the floor of the mosque, then the rubble and blood stains on the floor of the mosque. Governor of Makkah region, Prince Khaled Faisal, ordered an investigation into the incident.

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