Mother Should Care for the Kittens

Mother Should Care for the Kittens

Care of newborn kittens should be left to the mother (called the queen) if at all possible. Keep human handling of newborns to a minimum, and discourage small children from handling the kittens until they are around 3 weeks old. Once a day, the kitten should be picked up and checked for purulent discharge (pus) coming from the eyes or nose. Clear mucous forming in the mouth area can be a sign of pneumonia. Other than a health check, leave the kittens to their mother.

Over-handling will cause a nervous mother to carry the kittens by the neck (sometimes injuring them) as she tries to find them a secure haven. Research has shown that after the kittens reach 3 weeks of age, it is beneficial for them to receive a small amount of handling by humans. This beginning stage of the human relationship will produce a more emotionally stable, outgoing kitten that is better able to handle stress. Children should be closely supervised while handling kittens that are this young, however. Many people want to buy or adopt a 6-week-old kitten. This is a big mistake because kittens need more socialization time with their mothers and siblings than dogs and other animals. Read more at: Read more at:

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